Want to Become a Certified Web Developer? Start with Study Guides and Exam Dumps to Pass Microsoft 70-480 Test and Get MCSA Certification

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Microsoft 70-480 is an ideal exam for you if you have a keen interest in web development. It is also applicable to anyone who would like to advance their competence in programming and web app building. The test will help you go into more detail regarding Javascript and CSS. Microsoft provides its certification exams to enable you to be more recognized at your workplace and therefore get promotions and salary increments.


What Does Microsoft 70-480 Entail?

Microsoft 70-480 as well as 70-483 and 70-486 lead to the award of the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate): Web Applications credential. As for the 70-480 test, it should be combined with Microsoft 70-486 before you earn the certificate. The main purpose of the 70-480 exam is to determine whether you have mastered technical expertise in four main areas associated with HTML5 programming alongside CSS3 and JavaScript or not. The scope includes implementing program flow, retrieving and protecting information, working on document structures and devices, employing CSS3 in apps. More information regarding these topics can be found on the Microsoft webpage.


The entire test is allocated for 120 minutes. It has 40-60 questions which exact formatting may not be revealed in advance. This is meant to safeguard the validity of the exam. However, the questions may be of several types, such as review screen, drag and drop, active screen, multiple choice, and so on. Others include mark review, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer. The fee charged for Microsoft 70-480 is $165. To obtain the MCSA certification, you must score 700 points (100-1000).

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What Are the Most Popular Prep Resources for Microsoft 70-480?

The official website provides you with the list of exam subjects and other details that you should know to polish the required mastery for web development or web administration, which is the target of the 70-480 certification test. Microsoft offers some free courses that you can undertake on your own. Other training courses are paid and they are conducted by a certified instructor.


Apart from these training courses, you can also access the Microsoft self-paced labs to assist in gaining hands-on skills that are necessary for succeeding in your web development role. With a little research, you can also make use of exam dumps that are readily available on the Internet. They simulate the questions that can be found in the real test. The majority of what will be evaluated is availed to you through these braindumps. You may also invest in the recommended study guides, which are available on the exam page or on Amazon.



The benefits of holding any Microsoft certification are numerous and all of them are attractive. Microsoft is an authentic brand name that is associated with excellence. The prowess you get when preparing for the 70-480 exam will refine your web development knowledge. 


So, if you have some experience in developing with HTML, working with JavaScript, and programming essential business logic, you will be a perfect candidate for Microsoft 70-480. Otherwise, you can get the required expertise by earning the MTA badge and mastering all the topics of the 70-480 test. In any way, you need to put all your efforts into the task. If you do so, you will definitely succeed.

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