Want to Pass the Hair Follicle Drug Test? Here’s What You Should Know 

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Over the past few years, hair drug testing has gained popularity – primarily because it is the only drug test that has the longest time frame, approximately 90 days, to test potential drugs and toxins. According to Medical News Today, “Employers, lawyers, and medical professionals are showing increased interest in hair follicle drug test because they can determine if a person has been using illicit drugs or misusing prescription medications.”

An individual may need to take a hair drug test for medical, legal, and employment purposes, especially where the job involves a high risk of injury. Keeping in mind the high level of accuracy this type of test helps achieve, it is not surprising for individuals to be nervous. And just when you thought you’d fail the screening, here is the good news – you may probably pass the test. 

From best detox cleansing shampoo such as Ultra Clean Shampoo by Zydot to bleaching or dyeing your hair – there are many options you can follow to pass a hair follicle test. Read more to understand a few basic things before you get started with products or techniques to ace a hair drug test.     

Why Do Most People Fail in Hair Drug Tests? 

In most cases people do not pass the hair drug test because they continue to ingest drugs that they would be screened for. Even if you stop taking the substances a few days before the screening, chances are they will come up in the test. This is because hair tests can even detect toxins and drug metabolites you might have used 3 months back! 

Since hair follicle tests have a long detection time frame and deliver somewhat accurate results, it is difficult to cheat. Mostly, people also do not have access to the right products or tools that can help eliminate drugs and other substances from the hair follicle. These are some reasons why people fail in their drug tests. 

Which Methods are Not Effective Against a Hair Drug Test? 

When it comes to passing a hair follicle drug test such as those given in a Indiana drug testing program, there are some half-truths and myths that must be addressed. These methods might seem helpful, but are not viable options to pass a screening. So, if you consider using these tactics, do it at your own risk because you may end up being detected using drugs or other substances that may not pass the test. 

  • Shaving Your Hair 
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To avoid your hair sample from being taken for the test, you may be tempted to shave from head to toe. However, turning up as bald won’t be of much help because legal professionals and employers are likely to suspect that you are trying to cheat the drug test. Instead of averting the screening, you will only attract more suspicion when you turn up like a newborn baby for the drug test. 

  • Abstinence 

Often, not consuming marijuana or other drugs before the test can help you beat the results. However, it is important to know that hair follicle tests have a longer detection period of approximately 90 days. It is unlikely that you will be notified 3 months prior to the drug test and therefore, you cannot be 100% sure that not consuming drugs will help you pass the test. 

This is also true because drug metabolites and other toxins continue to remain in your bloodstream even after 3-30 days of taking them…and even longer in hair follicles. So, even if you stop taking THC or other substances a week or month prior to the test, it will eventually get detected. Therefore, it is often not the most reliable option. 

  • Bleaching or Dyeing Your Hair 

When you look for ways to beat a hair drug test, you might find bleaching or dyeing as a “proven” tactic to get a negative result. However, the truth is that when you bleach or dye your hair before the test, it is only 40% effective. Traces of drugs may still be present in your hair or follicles, which may easily show up in the results. But you might expect effective results when you repeatedly bleach your hair before and on the day of the test.

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Beat Your Hair Follicle Drug Test with the Best Detox Shampoo 

To be honest, if you want a definitive method to pass your hair drug test, then a high-quality detoxifying hair cleansing shampoo is the best option. Typically, there are two types of detox cleansing shampoos – washable and leave-ins. The washable shampoos are rinsed off using water and help get rid of toxins and impurities effectively. Leave-ins work as a mask on your hair, preventing the toxins and drug metabolites from being detected in the test. 

The cleansing shampoos are effective solutions to beat the hair drug test because they work through several layers of your hair and scalp. Firstly, the shampoo will cleanse all impurities and chemical build-up caused from styling gels, hair sprays, etc. This helps uncover the inner hair and follicles. In the next stage, the shampoo will penetrate deep into the hair shafts and eliminate all drugs, toxins, and drug metabolites that may be present in the follicles. 

Good detox cleansing shampoos also come with conditioners or nourishing ingredients like aloe vera that help prevent tangles, and add shine and texture to the hair. However, to get negative test results, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and follow the shampooing process as mentioned in the product’s manual. You may require to shampoo quite a few times to thoroughly cleanse all toxins and impurities, and prepare for the drug test. 

Top Tips to Pass a Hair Drug Test

In addition to a good detox cleansing shampoo, here are some quick tips for passing a hair drug test

  • Abstain from consuming any drug or toxin right when you come to know about the test 
  • Refrain from hardcore exercising or sweating when you use the detox shampoo 
  • Use a new hair towel, comb, and pillow case 
  • Try a home-made remedy of soaking and rinsing your hair with vinegar, followed by baking soda

Nothing is full-proof to be effective in passing a hair drug test. However, with 99% efficacy, detox cleansing shampoos are a sure-fire option to get negative screening results.   


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