Was Rapper Yung Miami Really Shot By Her Ex-Boyfriend?


Youthful Miami (genuine name Caresha Brownlee) who was purportedly 7 months pregnant was taken shots at while she was in her Mercedes G-Wagon. Right then and there she was leaving an account studio. Luckily, Miami and her unborn infant weren’t harmed. Youthful Miami told police that her vehicle was shot multiple times. She said that that the shots fought against eminent loss. The unfortunate casualties had closed their lights off so she couldn’t perceive any of them.

As indicated by nearby reports, Miami-Dade Police immediately reacted to reports of shots discharged and reached Yung Miami.

As per the rapper, who is pregnant, the supposed shooters hauled up behind her Mercedes G-Wagen without lights and opened flame.

“They just began shooting,” Yung Miami disclosed to her sweetheart, Southside.

Was Rapper Yung Miami Really Shot By Her Ex-Boyfriend.

In the video recorded at the scene, Miami stated, “They had their lights off so I never observed them like whoever it was they kept their lights off. I don’t have the foggiest idea where they originated from. It fought against eminent loss. The shots dug out from a deficit. They began from behind on the grounds that when I got to the stop sign I resembled ‘Gracious s- – t someone’s shooting.”

In a subsequent video, the City Girls rapper seems to address the Miami Police Department about the shooting.

The startling occurrence comes seven days after the rapper was compromised by Kodak Black in his prison free-form.

A couple of days before this episode Young Miami’s ex Kodak Black made a rap tune. He imprisoned in South Florida for unlawful weapon structures. The rap was recorded from Jail. The verses undermined Young Miami about punching her on her stomach. Dark referenced of Young and her sweetheart 808 Mafia rapper in his rap. He stated, “I got her a ring and she purchased an 808 child.” This rap puts fingers on Kodak Black. While it has not been affirmed at this point. It is as yet being explored whether Kodak is engaged with this lethal assault or not.

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