Watch: Woody Harrelson Causes Carnage In Venom 2 Fan Trailer

Watch: Woody Harrelson Causes Carnage In Venom 2 Fan Trailer
Watch: Woody Harrelson Causes Carnage In Venom 2 Fan Trailer

Based on Marvel comics’ novel Venom, this superhero-based movie was released in 2018 by Columbia pictures. It was the first film which Sony’s Marvel Universe distributed. The character Venom first appeared in Spiderman 3 and Sony intended to do a spin-off on this character.

Though this film was not critically acclaimed owing to lack of script and having no connection with Spiderman’s character, the movie was a big box office success.  It was the 7th highest-grossing movie in 2018.

Venom 2 is all set to be released in October this year and viewers are eagerly waiting for the release of its trailer. In the meanwhile, StryderHD has released a fan-based trailer of Venom 2 which is quite impressive and has raised the bar for the actual release of Venom 2 trailer.

The trailer has elements of chaos, mystery, action and just a dash of horror added to it, making it a perfect recipe to tantalize the audience as what to expect from the sequel. Carnage, the supervillain from spiderman is all set to make debut in Venom 2. It is the moniker for Cletus Kasady.

It seems Carnage is going to give a tough time to Brock and Venom in this sequel. The trailer ends with Brock and Venom taking a bite out of Tom Holland’s Spider-man, which in all possibility will not happen in the actual movie but it makes an interesting watch.

After the credits rolled for the first film, audiences were delightfully surprised when they saw Woody Harrelson playing Cletus Kasady in a jail.

This fan-made trailer will keep the anticipation high for movie watchers till the actual trailer of Venom 2 is released on October 2nd, 2020. So mark your calendars so that there is not an ounce of action that you miss out on.

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