Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

It is generally observed that couples being married for a long time have a redundant sex life. In some cases, the relationship takes a toll, and differences increase. One way to improve your relationship is to spice up your sex life. Maintaining a good sex life has a lot of health benefits. Sex is considered an exhausting activity that can boost your heart health. Your body burns 180 calories in a single act of intercourse that is equivalent to about 20 minutes of jogging. Sex releases endorphins, a chemical in the brain. It is known to lower anxiety, reduce depression, and boost immunity. Other health benefits like longevity, improved brain functioning, improved sleep, etc. are also observed.

It is advised that you must be intimate with your partner at least 3 to 4 times a week. Now the question is, how do you spice up your sex life? By following some simple methods, you can achieve this goal. Start with the below-mentioned pointers. 

Share your desires

It is important to share your imagination and erotic desires with your partner. Passion fades with time. Thus, it is important to share something new which you both would like to try in the bedroom. There is no need to feel shy about your fantasies. Light some candles and set up the mood so that you can share your thoughts without feeling shy or embarrassed. The more you share, the better your sex life will be.  

Watch porn together

Try to find a porn genre that you both like, so that you can watch it together. This will help you in setting up the mood and give you some fresh ideas to try in the bed. If you don’t wish to watch porn, then you can read erotic literature or play a sexual game. Spend some time exploring your sexual side along with your partner to spice things up. You will love it. 

Consult with a sex therapist

Sex is important to keep the romance alive. Current times are very stressful and can harm your health. There could be certain physical or psychological reasons behind you or your partner’s reduced libido. Talk openly with your partner about these issues that you are facing. Based on your discussion, you can seek help with a sex therapist to improve your sexual life. Sex therapists in Delhi can help you with your journey of sexual development. Reduction in intimacy can damage your marriage. 

Create a sexual bucket list

There is a high chance that either you or your partner will have a fantasy or two. Discuss your fantasies and write down the top five things you’d each want to try sexually. Pick the ones that turn-on both of you and you are willing to try. It’s time to turn the fantasies into a reality. It will be interesting for you to see the list of 30 best onlyfans accounts.

Schedule romantic activities

Spending time together is necessary for a marriage. Take out time from your busy work schedule to share romantic moments with your partner. Try different sexual activities during this time to please each other. Either of you can pick you the activity that you want to try. This will bring back the passion in your life and make your connection more intimate. 

Try something new

Your sex life can get monotonous if you follow certain routines and stop exploring. Try doing new things together so that you can share experiences together. Try out a common hobby together, go to an unexplored location, or take a walk together. Break the mundane lifestyle and bring in new and exciting experiences to spice up your relationship.  

Sexual environment

From your past sexual experiences you both know what works and what doesn’t. The key to spice up your sexual life is to relive the experiences that work for both of you. Relook at the most exciting, intimate, and fulfilling sexual experience that you had and bring it back in your life. It could be as simple as a long back rub which relaxed your body. Pick on the best encounters from the relationship and work to enhance those.

Some of these strategies have proved helpful for couples. You too can try these and enjoy your revamped and exciting new sex life. 


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