​When Should We Expect the Game of Thrones Prequel?

Game of Thrones

The original Game of Thrones was a big TV hit, but its ending was a flop that made fans mad. No doubt that we’ve deserved much better after all plot twists and epic insides. The gambling industry is also reporting about a decay of the fandom interest. Today the official GoT mobile application is a modest hit but not a box office sensation.

The next problem is the source. George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished the saga of his life yet. But since 2011 (the year of his last major book, “A Dance with the Dragons”), the master has released some additional works about an enhanced world of Ice and Fire. Then, HBO realized that the very setting is attractive even after the failure. And now The House of Dragon is only filming. The first episodes are expected in the spring of 2022.

The hype is true. The new episodes will have the same quality level. One of the most prominent showrunners of the GoT series, Miguel Sapochnik, is back in action. Probably, we will spectate more great battle scenes and scenic views. That’s why the new slots should be even more gorgeous than the previous versions. But will it have the same great fan base as its predecessor?

Fire and Blood with style on Game of Thrones

We are merely thinking about possible plot moves. There were some Martin’s sketches and HBO’s insides. But, in general, the picture is not painted yet. We know a lot about Essos but without fine details of the dedicated era. The fans see only the main direction of art style and a lot of rumors about casting. Let’s do some analysis.

The mainline will be about the earlier Targaryen ancestors, centuries before the total conquest of Westeros, and the complete degradation of the great house. We should expect a new aesthetic style and more design elements in both series and slot games based on them.

The ancient Valyria is based on a real-life Roman culture. Via strata, the great house on the seven hills, a lot of colonies mean Rome. So, we can expect something about antiquity but without an outright reference. Marble, parchment, purple clothes, specific frames of the slots – this should be necessary. Also, there must be a lot of gold and political intrigues. Valyria was a prominent and dominant tyranny in Essos, they conquered the world astride fire-breathing beasts, so the level of the epic will be even higher.

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When we are talking about gambling, this would be easy. Humanity developed casino games later, but we have to admit all the influence of Roman betting culture. You can play thematic slots along with horse races, just like in ancient times, with the same feelings.

Another feature of the GoT slot games was artistic pictures and photo collages. We are talking about a full license so you can see every famous scene and face. The art quality was pretty different but proper. From generic wolf heads (House of Stark) to Emilia Clarke herself – all the sights tell us that we are in Westeros.

There will be the same balance, the number of reels, and other features for the next game. We should know it from the past. The hardcore gamblers developed strategies years ago, so they will not be satisfied with radical changes. Why would the casino kill the golden goose? The developers settled the main financial rules.

But the profit from the House of Dragon will increase. It is a simple extrapolation. Game of Thrones ended its gambling cycle. And casinos practically stopped to pay huge jackpots. The reasons were obvious: every game is overhyped only during the run of the show. Today we need new heroes, and prizes will be generous, because of a big audience. George R.R. Martin is the creator of many bestsellers. His name is the golden sample in the book’s world. If you are planning to make a gambling career – the new House of Dragon game seems to be a good platform.

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What about the franchise?

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is renowned for its identity in style. Specific fonts, runes, sigils – they are under a classic Martin’s license. The biggest thing is to adapt it in free slot games for fun without breaking canonical borders. The slot makers don’t know all the details about the next HBO hit. And the creators don’t tolerate spoilers. The fans are talking about the presentation of all the great houses and, of course, the previous Martin’s books revealed some general information.

Another big thing is copyright. HBO will launch the show next year. Till that time, there will not be any official slot games about the House of Dragon. Desperate gamblers, of course, are waiting for the next iteration of the big show. Thematic reel machines are pretty rare in terms of epicness. Also, one of the most show arcs is closed: Marvel finished the Infinity Saga, and we shall wait for the next big thing at least for some years. And the quarantine times are cruel. People need more entertainment today.

Of course, Martin will not sell the exclusive rights to an unknown vendor. But there are some surprises here. Usually, the big franchises are under the umbrella of the big gambling corps. These developers distribute a loud name to great casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, Hong Kong, etc. The era of fully mechanic slots passed by forever, and the software for gambling is pretty similar. But the House of Dragon isn’t announced yet. And we don’t have guarantees from the first-string market players.

Today millions of people play in official Game of Thrones products. Some of them are using mobile platforms. The GoT mobile slot game is developed by Zynga Game Network, which is a little bit unusual. But this company also made successful slots in the world of Harry Potter, and hope is still strong. We will wait for an announcement of the next slot games from Zynga this year. The enormous success of the previous episodes was seasonal, so the experts are telling us about a big gambling explosion after two years of waiting.


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