Weight-Loss Surgery could Ease Diabetes and help with Heart Disease


Weight-Loss Surgery could Ease Diabetes and help with Heart Disease

According to the latest research, weight loss surgery could ease out the risk of diabetes and help in overcoming heart diseases. The risk was reduced by 40% and the patient would be free of these complications and can avoid an early death.

Weight reduction surgery also decreases the risks of reverse diabetes, eliminate sleep apnea, improve fertility, ease joint pain and pressure, and relieve symptoms of depression. The research also imposes that people would be able to live longer, happier and healthier because improvement can only be seen when diabetes improves and risk factors like high cholesterol and blood pressure deteriorate.

The doctors themselves did not expect the results to be this good and they are surprised as well. Weight loss surgery solves two problems at one time because there is an ever-increasing number of obese patients and also those suffering from heart diseases. The doctors are quite happy to discover the interrelation between the two.


Everyone believes the fact that with obesity, comes diabetes and it is inevitable. The researchers compared the data of those obese patients who underwent surgery to those who did not. And the result that followed was that those who underwent surgery had a reduced chance of dying by 41% and the risk of kidney failure and heart failure also reduced by an unbelievable 60%. They also lost a lot of weight which was the main purpose.

Although patients suffering from diabetes are also prone to cardiovascular diseases and when they are given medications to keep in check the blood sugar level, their health also improves.

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Even though the weight-loss operation is getting safer day by day, there is a specific criterion that people have to fulfill to be eligible for the operation. Even those who are eligible, only 1% of those undergo the surgery.


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