Weird crypto to watch in 2022


You probably hear a lot about new coins topping the list of the most promising cryptocurrencies for the nearest future. Yet, some of these coins have been around for quite a while, and they are not new in a sense of the time of inception. 

Some of the coins that you regularly read about are targeted at specific markets, and that’s where they get their following and community of believers to grow. Yet, there are also quite new and promising coins on the market that do not try to be that serious. At the end of the day, DeFi is designed to not copy the conventional finance in the first place but to be something conceptually new and fresh. Something revolutionary enough to shake the old system. So let us introduce to you the shortlist of the weirdest new cryptos that have great chances to be the text Dogecoin of the crypto market.

Putin Coin (PTN)

Perhaps inspired by another cryptocurrency that is already in circulation, the Trump Coin, the politicians’ coins seem to become a new hot trend after the meme coins rocked the world. The next, presumably big thing is the Putin Coin. According to the project’s whitepaper, this coin will pay tribute to the people of Russia and their current president. 

The advantages of this coin include high flexibility and security. Unlike many other crypto coins, it also has an interesting distinguishing feature – the project utilizes both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake algorithms. So you can get PTN coins from mining as well as from staking and running a node. 

The inception of this network dates back to 2017, when, according to their website, the community around this blockchain started to develop. Although, the team points out that the coin is not an official means of payment in Russia. But who knows, maybe it will be in the future. The development team is present and active on social media, yet they don’t seem to gain as much following yet.

The Putin Coin is currently prone to extreme fluctuations, so in case if you like day or scalp trading, this might be the digital asset that would suit your trading strategy. For all skeptics that suggest it’s a scam coin, the project has already collected $2.1 million in market capitalization. And in 2018, it was said to gain  $8.9 million, exceeding the Trump coin. However, there is no information on whether the Russian leader supports this crypto or not.

Turtle Coin (TRTL)

Turtle Coin is a beloved “problem child” of the guy who calls himself RockSteady on the project’s official website. This coin was created in the heat of the first crypto boom unseen before – that was in December 2017. The project’s leader admits that the boom was so high that you could literally make millions out of thin air if you put the word crypto on it.

Initially, TRTL was a fork of Bytecoin, a free and extremely flexible protocol with no hard-coded constraints. Turtle Coin also happens to share the same code base with Monero. That’s why it’s fair to suggest that it offers a good level of privacy. 

The team seems to be bored from the fact that the network hasn’t been hacked even once. To boot, they keep improving every day, adding new fixes and useful functionalities. Yet, Turtle Coin still moves basically slow like a turtle because 91% of its supply is still yet to be mined. Maybe you will be the one lucky investor who recognizes its potential ahead of everyone else and takes over the game just when the moment is right? At least you can hold a few Turtle Coins and see what happens. Who knows – maybe it will explode like a Dogecoin meme that was also forgotten at first but then came back as a star?

Feed Every Gorilla (FEG)

FEG is the next promising token that currently works on an Ethereum network. The token circulates only on decentralized exchanges yet and even has its own exchange, FEGex. Perhaps, in the coming 2022, it will also come into centralized exchanges, but time will tell. This brainchild of DeFi has a bright and catchy design that hides quite a pack of nice functionality. 

First of all, the unique and highly advertised value point of this token is that it is a high-deflationary digital asset. It has already reached a significantly heightened interest from the new investors. As a result, the coin’s market cap is steadily nearing $237 million. Why do investors like it so much? It’s simple. They have some kind of a guarantee that the asset will gradually appreciate in the future thanks to some specialties of the protocol. The hyper-deflationary means that the token will become more scarce and valued the more transactions occur on the network.

The current price index of FEG is roughly $0.000000005696, so there is a perspective that the closer will this token be to $1, the happier the investors will become. Although, the community around this asset is not very active yet, maybe listing on the major exchanges will change the situation for the better but the general idea of the project is quite interesting.


The Crypto market includes thousands of cryptocurrencies. Some of them are actively traded, and some of them are not. The biggest goal of an insightful and successful crypto investor is to recognize the next big thing before everyone else starts to massively buy it because, in such a case, the insightful investor becomes really rich. 

It’s a good idea to constantly keep monitoring the crypto market, seeking the next big stars. Most often, these coins do not hold some technical advancement, just like Dogecoin. Yet, they can take the market by storm because of all the hype and scandal that they might gather. Not that scandals are a good thing to go after, but wide recognition is a thing that still keeps moving the digital asset trading and often becomes the strongest factor in the price growth. After all, the coins that you hear about for the first time might’ve already collected hundreds of millions in market cap, and you didn’t even know that. In other words, DeFi world is full of opportunities that it’s good to learn to notice on time.


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