Wendy Williams gets shout out from John Oliver at his show

Wendy Williams

Amid CoronaVirus or COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy Williams show has gone Wendy @ home. According to the current scenes, the show is being shot at Wendy’s apartment. Although, in Wendy’s official show on the big screen, she seems groomed up. 

What did John Oliver say about Wendy Williams at home?

However, currently, the theme of the show is quite weird. As John Oliver mentions “She is sharing a screen with a life-sized betty boop decked out in supreme gear, Chanel accessories, and a disco ball, and somehow she is still the most engrossing thing in that shot, simply eating a lamb chop in a weirdly dominant manner. Not many people can pull that off.”

Not only this, furthermore, but John Oliver also adds “The more you watch Wendy, the more that you realize that chaos isn’t a problem with the show: it’s what makes it work.” 

John Oliver praises Wendy

Oh well! According to the words of John, It seems like he has keenly observed the show and analyzed how Wendy earns its fan-following. To begin with, John Oliver has also stated in his latest episode “the show is just wendy at home expressing every thought in her head, occasionally taking calls, and being sporadically interrupted by a smoke alarm which simply needs new batteries.”

Not only this, but John Oliver also continues “Oh, and unapologetically eating increasingly weird meals on camera.” Well! It is not completely false as in various episodes of “Wendy@home” Wendy has a plate with a sparkly burger. To be honest, she doesn’t eat it. Apart from this, she is also seen eating chocolate licorice and further, saying that it is the breakfast of champions. Well! We will never know how the world of celebrities works!

last week tonight Wendy

Moving on, John Oliver ends this conversation about Wendy at home by eating a hot dog in a weird and wild way. He also says “if this makes you uncomfortable, you might want to f**k off and watch something else.”

Wendy Williams’s reaction…

To John’s 2 minutes conversation regarding Wendy@Home on the big screen, Wendy replied with a big laugh. To begin with, it looks like Wendy was actually laughing out loud from her heart as she further snorted, quoting “Oh! Oh!.” 

Furthermore, Wendy says “He gets our messiness and I love that, I love that.” Are you wondering how long Wendy Williams’ show will go on from her apartment? Well! Wendy tells us by adding “Like, we have got two more months of this mess before we go back to the real show.”

Wendy show guest post

After so, Wendy thanked John by quoting “John thank you for being so thoughtful. He bought me two pieces of small tiny outfits to give me one that I said I adore. Thank you, John. I adore you dearly.”

However, later it seemed like Wendy got personal as she added “Ah! I am so simple. If you like me, I like you.” Later on, she moved to her next topic for the episode by saying “I like Madonna.”

Wendy Williams @ Home Vs. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The Wendy @ Home show is originally known as “The Wendy Williams Show” for which Wendy Williams is the hostess. On the other hand, John Oliver’s show is known as “Last Week Tonight.” To begin with, both shows are 7 years old and amid their 7th season. Apart from this, both shows parade many similarities such as celebrity interviews, talking about what’s trending on television, and little more comedy.

For the most part, Wendy’s show includes occasional calls. Apart from this, the viewers take much interest in Wendy’s opinion concerning the hot topic of the week. Whereas, “Last Week Tonight” mainly airs on Sunday late-night at HBO where John Oliver talks about recent events. It mainly concerns hot topics of politics, economy, Hollywood, and other diverse topics. 


In the meantime, both shows are equally prominent for their entertaining theme and the occasional appearance of celebrity guests on the stage. But, to be honest, it rarely happens that John Oliver shouts out to another show on the screen. To begin with, some fans think that he was making fun of Wendy@home. However, Wendy took this very nicely and replied with her kind words. 


Thus, in conclusion, Wendy@home last episode mentions that it will air from Wendy’s apartment for the next 2 more months. On the other hand, the viewers had a lot of fun viewing John Oliver grossly eating on the screen. Also, asking its viewer to “FO” if they do not like it. 

BRAVO!!! Watch here.


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