What a Workers Compensation Lawyer Atlanta Does to Improve the Processing of Claims

What a Workers Compensation Lawyer Atlanta Does to Improve the Processing of Claims

After a work-related accident, employees may wonder what the process is to claim workers’ compensation. How do workers’ compensation claims work?

An experienced workers compensation lawyer Atlanta can help employees that are victims of workplace injuries or illnesses process the aids they deserve. To add to that, workers compensation lawyer Atlanta can assist clients in obtaining competent medical care, for those who have sustained injury on-the-job, in the quickest way possible.

Around 5 million workers’ compensation claims are filed annually in the hopes of receiving just compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and mental agony. Some workers are fortunate enough to accomplish the full process of workers’ compensation claims with little to no strife while others are not quite lucky.

Countless companies or employers and their insurance companies attempt to evade accountability for workplace injuries or illnesses incurred by their employees. This is one reason why victims of work-related accidents should partner with a competent workers compensation lawyer Atlanta throughout their claim processing.

A workers compensation lawyer Atlanta professional can also help workers facilitate communication with staff from the employer’s insurance and medical professionals. They can also offer advice on the proper filling out of crucial paperwork, and help in clarifying confusing legal processes.

It is the workers compensation lawyer Atlanta professional’s job to help employees settle their workers’ compensation claims especially when the insurance adjuster fails to do so. A trustworthy workers compensation lawyer Atlanta is unlike the employer who may only be concerned for his welfare, rather, their job is to protect the best interests of their client – the victim of work-related injuries or illnesses. This may mean that a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta will help employees go after whatever benefits are befitting them after their devastating accident. It is essential therefore to find an attorney that is experienced in workers’ compensation claims.

Some law firms specialize in this field where they offer a full-service injury representation within the scope of employment. These workers compensation lawyer Atlanta firm seeks to ensure that their clients receive all-out worker’s compensation assistance.

A lot of worker’s compensation claimants learn that it benefits them to seek the advice of a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta before delving deeper into the claims processing. The claims filing process often may prove straightforward and plain even without legal intervention but partnering with a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta at the beginning allows victims to get to know their attorney and for the attorney to become acquainted with the victim’s worker’s compensation claim.

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A professional workers compensation lawyer Atlanta should have a high level of experience and know-how to assist victims with the documentary requirements and should assist efficiently in documentation gathering from other stakeholders like medical professionals. Certain information or verbiage in the worker’s compensation case may state particular inclusions or exclusions that can aid in ensuring the best chances for a smooth-sailing claims processing; thus, the help of a competent workers compensation lawyer Atlanta is a must.

If an employee falls victim to a work-related injury or illness, they should contact legal professionals in the person of a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta. Employees must inform the employer and ensure they accomplish an incident report as soon as possible after the accident. Details in the incent report should include things such as:

  • Where the accident happened
  • Witness/es to the accident, if any
  • Date of the accident
  • Time of the accident
  • Cause of the accident

The employee should thereafter prioritize getting medical attention. Often, claiming workers’ compensation may mean for victims to see a doctor that their employer has chosen. Seeking legal advice from a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta can help make sure that the insurance company of the employer does not deny the employee’s claim, or if they do, puts the employee in a better position to appeal.

Depending on the firm a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta works with, different injury claims can be dealt with. A few of these work-related injuries or illnesses are listed below:

  • Fractures or broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Injuries to the muscles
  • Head injuries
  • Hearing loss or hearing damage
  • Exposure to certain chemicals leads to cancer or mesothelioma
  • Injuries related to electrocution
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The employer is bound to ensure that all its employees are working under safe environmental conditions. A lot of workplace and work-related injuries are prevented by solely implementing proper safety precautions and enforcing adequate trading sets by the employer.

Deciding the need for a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta professional depends on how the employer and its insurance partner handle the employee’s claim. A few things to consider when deciding to hire a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta are as follows:

  • When the employer insists that the accident did not happen during work hours or at work. There will be times when the employer tries to establish that an accident did not occur at work, especially when the injury was slow to become aggravated. For example, chemical exposure over time may lead to certain work-related illnesses but are difficult to establish and therefore easily deniable by the employer.
  • Permanent disabilities that prompt prolonged absences or result in delayed return to work can also be haggled by the insurance company as non-work-related. This may be due to the money involved in such workers’ compensation cases.
  • The employer delays the claim and does not move it along in an appropriate manner taking more than thirty (30) days to complete.
  • When the insurance partner of the employer denies the workers’ compensation claim. This is when a workers compensation lawyer Atlanta expert is needed to assist in the appeal.

There may be other signs that an employee should hire a professional workers compensation lawyer Atlanta to handle his or her claim. Should an employee feel uncomfortable with how the employer handles the worker’s compensation claim, he or she should not hesitate to contact a law firm that has workers compensation lawyer Atlanta specialists. They often offer first consultations for free.

Facing work-related injuries or illnesses is difficult enough, let alone having to process a workers’ compensation claim while still suffering. Employee victims do not have to go through the whole process alone. They can employ the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer Atlanta expert that has their best interest in mind.


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