CoronaVirus Signs and Symptoms in Humans

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The new year 2020 has brought all of us into a dreadful position. From the Plague to the Spanish Flu, the world had kept its backbone strong. And, fought until the end. However, during the pandemics of 2020, Corona Virus has put us behind our houses’ bars. What is CoronaVirus?How is it spreading? What are its signs and symptoms? From time to time, all these questions hit our minds.

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Do not worry! Today, we are presenting a guide to Coronavirus signs and symptoms in humans. In this reading, our reader will receive a crystal clear idea about Corona’s current epidemic in highly populated countries. Further, you can learn about the Corona virus’s work line and how you can protect yourself against it. 

What is CoronaVirus or COVID-19?

By definition, CoronaVirus is a contagious disease. It was discovered in December 2019 in China. CoronaVirus China belongs to a family of viruses (CoV). Furthermore, it comes from the consolidation and consumption of infected seafood in Wuhan, China. Yet, the World Health Organization mentions that it is only one of the considerations for the cause of CoronaVirus.

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But, the Investigating medical officers have pointed out a negative factor. As per their investigation, the CoronaVirus first case individual does not connect with the seafood market in the form of a customer, visitor, or seller. Thus, the leading cause of CoronaVirus is still undetermined.

To the reader’s surprise, the CoronaVirus first case came into the Government of China’s knowledge on 1st December 2019. But, the respective government kept it a secret to avoid an outbreak in the world. Consequently, in early 2020, the CoronaVirus China condition got out of hand. Today, over 190 countries are suffering from this infectious pandemic. However, the good part is, the CoronaVirus Free countries countdown is 25. 

Furthermore, the countries that are highly affected by the CoronaVirus outbreak are:

  • Over 3000 people died due to CoronaVirus China
  • Approx 7000 people died due to CoronaVirus Italy
  • 700 deaths caused by CoronaVirus US
  • Approx 3000 deaths confirmed among CoronaVirus Spain positive cases.
  • only 157 deaths confirmed due to Coronavirus Germany
  • Approx 2000 deaths confirmed because of CoronaVirus Iran.
  • 1100 Coronavirus infected people died due to the CoronaVirus France Epidemic.
  • 130 died of Coronavirus in Switzerland
  • United Kingdom (UK): 422 deaths confirmed until today.

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It is noteworthy to mention that some independent countries, I.e., CoronaVirus Free countries have not notified of any CoronaVirus positive cases. These countries are as follows along with their population count:

  • Yemen: Over 29 million.
  • North Korea: 25 million
  • Tonga: Only one hundred five thousand
  • Botswana: Approx 2.5 million
  • Samoa: Approx 1 Lac and 98 thousand.
  • Marshall Island: Approx 59 thousand
  • Comoros: Approx 8 Lac.
  • Solomon Islands: Approx 7 lac.
  • Mali: 20 million
  • Kiribati: Approx 1 Lac only.
  • Nauru: Ten thousand.

corona virus signs China population

CoronaVirus origin country, a.k.a China’s population 2020 is approx 1.5 billion. Consequently, it becomes a clear configuration that the population plays a significant role in the CoronaVirus spread worldwide

How is CoronaVirus spreading in Humans?

The above reports state the idea that CoronaVirus is widely spreading in countries where the population is beyond the limit. Imagine, in a country (China) with over 1 billion people, how such a country can keep a social distance during such a CoronaVirus outbreak

Earlier reports by WHO and UNICEF had enforced the theory that the Coronavirus has come from the seafood market in Wuhan. However, there is no such evidence to support this theory. In such a crisis, medical experts have diagnosed the R-naught of Coronavirus. For the reader’s information, R-naught refers to the rate at which a virus reproduces. For example, the reproduction rate or R0 of Spanish flu was 0.9-2.1. It means one naught of Spanish flu had the capacity to reproduce 800 new naughts. Do you know? During the 1900s, the Spanish flu had killed over 50 million people worldwide. 

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To the reader’s surprise, the CoronaVirus R0 has been evaluated at 2.2. For the most part, the medical experts have clarified the ideology that the Coronavirus epidemic is going to be much bigger as compared to history. From Influenza to Plague in the 1800s or even HIV, the potential of Coronavirus spreading is stronger

  • Does CoronaVirus spread through the air
  • Can CoronaVirus spread through water?
  • Does CoronaVirus spread through chicken?

There are unending questions in relation to how is CoronaVirus spreading in Humans? To begin with, WHO and the other health organizations worldwide have not been able to diagnose the origin of CoronaVirus. However, how it is spreading among humans has become transparent.

Following are the stepwise theories that clarify the concept of CoronaVirus spread map, or routine:

  • Any person who has tested for CoronaVirus positive; sneezes or coughs, the respiratory droplets spread in the surrounding.
  • These respiratory droplets contain CoronaVirus. In wintry surroundings, these droplets do not dry out quickly. Thus, the virus survives. 
  • Any person who comes in direct contact with these respiratory droplets of another person by touching, he or she further becomes the victim of CoronaVirus

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This human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus demands social distancing in order to remain safe and secure of this outbreak. Therefore, medical experts are stating the facts that:

CoronaVirus does not spread through Air, Water, and Chicken. Nevertheless, it spreads via ground. It is because the respiratory droplets from the human body sit on the floor upon sneezing. Further, gravity does not allow them to stay in the air. The weight of one microbe of CoronaVirus is high as compared to the other viruses diagnosed in history. Thus, it does not spread through Air.

What are the CoronaVirus Signs and Symptoms?

In the past thousands of CoronaVirus cases, the CoronaVirus signs and symptoms in humans have become quite clear. To begin with, doctors have confirmed the fact that ‘CoronaVirus signs and symptoms have come into observation after a while.’ Therefore, it is very difficult to self-diagnose CoronaVirus in the first stage by examining CoronaVirus signs and symptoms.

Let’s take a glimpse at the respective signs and symptoms of CoronaVirus:

  • Mild Fever
  • Cough (Dry)
  • Respiratory blockage or Shortness of Breath

Coronavirus sneeze droplets

The above three are the most common CoronaVirus signs and symptoms in humans. It is noteworthy to mention that as per the theory of medical specialists, CoronaVirus in the first stage sets in the throat. It stays there for longer than 3-4 days. This leads to dry coughing, respiratory blockage, and fever.

In some rare cases of COVID-19, it has also concluded that the patients were suffering from diseases or show rare CoronaVirus signs and symptoms such as:

  • Respiratory distress
  • Muscle pain
  • Pneumonia
  • Sepsis causing Organ dysfunctioning
  • Headache
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Dyspnea

Furthermore, in some rare cases of CoronaVirus, the patients tended to be asymptomatic. It means that 1% of CoronaVirus positive cases showed no CoronaVirus signs and symptoms but still confirmed positive for the disease. On the other hand, 81% of the CoronaVirus confirmed cases until today have suffered from Pneumonia, whether mild, severe, or average

For the most part, the CoronaVirus death rate includes patients above the age of 60. Therefore, clinical research has concluded that the risk of CoronaVirus among older people is high. Indeed, the Government of India and the USA have declared in the media to keep a social distance from the elder people in the house. Not only this, but the CoronaVirus death rate is also imposed among the younger patients. 

As per the medical experts, CoronaVirus signs and symptoms become clear in the elderly within 5-7 days. However, among the younger victims of the CoronaVirus, the symptoms take up to 10 days to co-exist. In such situations, the younger patients of CoronaVirus seem to have lung injuries because of quite low oxygen saturation in the body

What are CoronaVirus precautions?

Since the R0 or spread rate CoronaVirus is high, there are various CoronaVirus precautions that everyone in your family and workplace can follow in order to prevent oneself against this deadly disease. Take a glimpse:

Keep social distance

To the public, it is recommendable to maintain a distance measuring 1 to 3 feet from other people. Individuals with mild fever should adopt self-quarantine. It is because a single CoronaVirus sign or symptom is not enough for proceeding CoronaVirus testing and treatment. Thus, one can stay in the room, put on a mask, and avoid touching other people in the family. 

Hand wash

To all people, whether infected with CoronaVirus or not, it is recommendable to wash hands frequently. One should wash hands for up to 1 minute to avoid transmitting any germs in the mouth or to any other person.

Use Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer

The medical specialist has made clear the fact that CoronaVirus COVID-19 survives under low temperatures. Thus, if you are washing hands with cold water, there is a 50% chance that the virus survives. In this situation, to eliminate all the chances of survival for the virus, one must use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Ethyl alcohol is one of the strongest chemical elements that remove 100% of germs from the body.

Sterilize your home/workplace

As mentioned before, CoronaVirus does not spread through Air or Water. However, it spreads via touching. Apart from this, it also survives on the floor. Therefore, everyone should sterilize home as well as the workplace to reduce the chances of the CoronaVirus effect.

Put on Face Mask

Whether you are suffering from a common cold, dry cough or not, you must put on a face mask whenever they go out. A face mask protects coronavirus from entering your body through the mouth. Furthermore, one must not reuse a mask. Doctors recommend changing the face mask every 4-5 hours. Above all, it is significant to dispose of the used face mask so that any other person in the house does not use the same mask.

Travel Abroad

Last but not least, the Government of India, USA, and other countries have made it clear that one must not travel overseas in such a crisis. It is because traveling abroad can lead to the transmission of the Coronavirus at a higher rate. To the reader’s surprise, a few countries including India have banned overseas traveling or traveling at all for that matter.

Vegan food

Since the CoronaVirus animals-to-humans theory has not been rejected entirely. Thus, the Government has suggested avoiding non-vegetarian food; especially, seafood. A vegan diet contains no risk of CoronaVirus spread and therefore, it is one of the chances for people to adopt a healthy eating routine

What is CoronaVirus lockdown Worldwide?

CoronaVirus Lockdown Worldwide is one of the most effective CoronaVirus precautions. It has been taken at a larger scale. From India to Italy, China, Europe, and the USA, every country has declared a curfew. One of the major reasons behind this worldwide decision is to eliminate social gatherings. CoronaVirus spreads via a human-to-human touch routine. In countries like India, social gatherings in places of worship, restaurants, hotels, markets, and even in the colonies are very common. In such a situation, the potential of CoronaVirus spread has concluded to be high.

Coronavirus India lockdown

During the CoronaVirus Lockdown worldwide, schools & colleges, offices, shops, and industrial areas have closed. This lockdown is for 3 weeks to 2 months. To cope up with this corona distress; people have displayed their appreciation by:

  • Working-out at home instead of Gym, 
  • Recharging and paying online instead of proceeding cash transactions
  • Cooking food at home instead of ordering from outside.

All these extra measures have predicted to make a big difference in the CoronaVirus Epidemic.With the help of these measures, India has controlled the situation so far. Till today, only 510 cases of CoronaVirus positive have registered in India. 

CoronaVirus Signs and Symptoms Epilogue

CoronaVirus is causing the world to slow down. A few psychology specialists have expressed the impression that Earth is finding its way to heal. Thus, such pandemic has caused lockdown, so that Earth can cope up with all the pollution, and industrial chaos. However, it does not matter if the theory is real or not; in some way, the Earth is going to heal during this lockdown. The main question stands, how long will this CoronaVirus epidemic survive among us?

We request you to stay safe, healthy, and stay at your homes!”


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