What are some beautiful places to travel for vacation?

beautiful places to travel

As much as people may have had a blast being able to spend more time with their kids at home, catch up on hobbies or reading, play Everygame poker, or just chill a bit, there is a whole wide world out there and the inside of a house can get a bit stuffy! As the pandemic subsides and the world begins to reopen for business, one of the things on many families’ to-do lists is traveling. Covid-19 came with travel restrictions, forcing families to stay indoors or invent fun ways to enjoy family times within the confines of their homes. If you have waited to book your flight and see the world’s beautiful places, you probably have a destination in mind. This article will provide additional places you can visit beautiful places to travel and enjoy your vacation. Maybe we will touch on your favorite destination or change your mind with beautiful places to travel on this list. Let’s begin touring the world.

  1. Bali, Indonesia- beautiful places to travel

There is a reason why many people on Instagram post pictures and videos of themselves and their pets in colorado springs vacation rentals. This Indonesian Island offers a spectacular experience and energy you probably have never experienced anywhere else. This island is known for fossil volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches, and coral reefs.

You can stay in one of its luxury villas for as low as twenty dollars a night. You can also rent a motorbike and explore the unknown areas in the surrounding islands. Head up north to UBUD and play with the monkeys in the forest or bathe in the waterfall at sunrise. There is a lot to enjoy in this part of the world.

  1. Grand Canyon, USA- beautiful places to travel

Adrenaline junkies will undoubtedly fall in love with the Grand Canyon. This 18 miles wide and the 1-mile-deep canyon is a breathtaking gorge carved by River Colorado. It is immense size draws thousands of tourists worldwide to witness its majesty. You can take Insta-worthy photos here as you enjoy a memorable time with family and friends.

The colorful rock of the canyon is carved in layers, showing the passage of time, with archaeologists suggesting that some rocks at the base of the canyon are over 1.8 billion years old. You can take on its less crowded hiking trails on the northern rim to see its thriving life.If this type of experience strikes your fancy, the Royal Gorge in Colorado Springs is definitely worth noting. Breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, the Arkansas River, and Royal Gorge are no doubt an item on any outdoor lover’s bucket list. You can find affordable Colorado Springs vacation rentals that allow quick access to hiking, exploring, and white water rafting through the Royal Gorge.

  1. Oia, Santorini, Greece- beautiful places to travel

Santorini could not fail to make it on the list. The internet and digital wallpapers have images of Santorini’s white and blue beaches. Even before you visit this spectacular vacation destination, you will be awed.

Oia is located at the summit of the cliff, giving visitors an awesome view of the island of Thirassia, the Palea Volcano, and Nea Kameni. Oia is considered the most beautiful place of all the Greek island villages of Santorini.

This region will warm your heart with traditional stone houses and mesmerizing blue-domed churches lining the narrow street. If you want to rekindle lost love with your partner, book a ticket to Santorini and let the magic of Oia do its job.

  1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is located between the Zadar coast of the Adriatic Sea and the capital Zagreb. The lakes offer magical living spaces for unique aquatic life. The 16 lakes linked by waterfalls, the ancient forests surrounding moving water, natural and man-made bridges, and the vast wild beauty beaming with wildlife such as wolves, bears, birds, and boars, make Plitvice your ideal destination.

Visit Plitvice during summer and enjoy the fog from its endless waterfalls. Its natural and wooden hiking trails and walkways allow visitors to spin across the lake and experience the calming effects of nature. In the morning, you will relish the waterfall’s mirroring magical colors and the frozen branches of the nearby trees.

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is rich in many beautiful places worth visiting; however, today, we focus on Amalfi Coast. Amalfi Coast is a beautiful stretch of coast in Campania, Italy. If you are looking for a romantic destination, Amalfi’s landscape, fragrant orange groves, and fresh air will heal your soul.

The typical Mediterranean coastal road between Amalfi and the famous Positano takes you past the old villages for a wonderful view. You can visit the local tavernas and restaurants for a quick taste of the local cuisines. Who knows, you may even make Amalfi your preferred destination.

  1. The Maldives

Are you looking for a specular experience at sea or getting lost there? Head to the Maldives. This tropical nation in the Indian Ocean has 26 ring-shaped atolls with over 1000 coral Islands. It is famous for its blue lagoons, beaches, and humongous reefs that will leave you speechless.

While in the Maldives, you can spend a fortune and stay in a nice on-cruise resort. The top room in some resorts here can be as high as $10,000 a night! Alternatively, you can travel with family and friends, hire a surf boat, and head to the ocean. There is nothing as exciting as living on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Visit around September to enjoy warm weather and stable waves for surfing. If surfing is not your thing, you can spend time with the locals at the beach, go free-diving on one of Maldives’ many reefs, or discover one of the deserted Islands.

  1. Niagara Falls

If waterfalls and lush green landscape are what your soul craves, then travel to Niagara Falls. These three massive waterfalls at the United States and Canada border provide a spectacular view. It has been featured in Hollywood movies as an ideal wedding destination.

As the mist from the fall hits your skin, you will delight at the immense power of water and its soothing effect. Niagara Falls has inspired several artists to create glorious pieces of art, and it continues to inspire awe in many people who come here to admire nature’s majesty.

  1. Bonaire

Bonaire is a Dutch island situated 50 miles north of Venezuela, forming part of the ABC island chain. This island has almost perfect weather all year, allowing visitors to relish its clear waters and local food.

Scuba diving is the most popular activity for ocean lovers. You can scuba dive during the day or take daring night-time diving. The experience of diving at night is second to none, allowing you to see sea creatures invisible at daytime come to life.

Bonaire hosts some of the world’s clearest blue waters and live reefs. The freshwater limestone cave network below the island offers divers once-in-a-lifetime experiences exploring the underworld. You can also hop in a water taxi to climb Bonaire- a tiny uninhabited island off the coast to witness the ocean’s wonders.

There you have it! Did we cover your dream vacation destination? We know the list is not conclusive since we left out other iconic places like Hawaii, Lake Bled of Slovenia, Appenzell of Switzerland, Bora Bora of French Polynesia, and Geiranger Fjord of Norway. The list can go on, showing that the world is truly a beautiful place to live in.


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