What are the 5 Ways to Build Positive Relationship with Your Employees?


When there is a company, there is personnel that run it. An organization or a business cannot run alone and the most important thing for that is you have to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere in the workplace because without it nothing good can come of it. And it is more important to maintain a positive relationship with your employees as they are the only pillars that can hold and upbringing of success. Sure you might not know how to build a positive relationship and that is why we bring you 5 ways to build a positive relationship with your employees.

Listening to your Employees:

Whenever there is a tough project going on giving a challenge, you should always listen to each employee who has something to say because it might just solve your problem. Some employees might feel their opinion won’t matter but you have to allow them to speak to raise their motivation and confidence. Arrange meetings and let everyone speak out their ideas and you should give them a try. Doing this you can make a special relationship with your employees as a boss.

Keep it Friendly:

Friendliness helps in easing out things when it’s tough out there. Being friendly in the workplace can make your employees comfortable to speak to you and build a good relationship. It can lead the business to success as employees will work efficiently knowing their boss is a friendly one. But don’t overdo it as it can harm your business strategies by compromising when it comes to making important decisions.

Get to know your Employees:

Every once in a while you should interact with your employees, their demands, short and long term goals, what they need to work better and perform better. A quick intuitive face to face communication can help you better understand them and solve their problems. This undoubtedly will bring a change and elevate positivity in the workplace.

Express yourself:

It is important to express yourself in front of your employees to vibe a positive relationship which will help the business to grow. Often employees are left wondering as to what kind of a person their boss is or what visions he has for the future of the company. Expressing yourself and your interests and who you are as a person will allow you to build a positive relationship and encourage employees to turn your vision into reality.

Team Building:

Assigning employees to work and making them work together on a project increases the possibility of positive environments in the workplace and also allows making a good relationship with them. When employees work as a team they learn from each other and will share different unique ideas. This is a way of creating that positive vibe.

These nifty ways will help you build a positive relationship with your employees helping you to reach goals and success with an optimistic approach. You should always vibe with your employees as they view you as a leader and want the best from you. You can also take help from pioneers of this field like Sean St John and others. Toronto based Sean St John began his tenure as Vice President at National Bank Financial of Fixed Income, but over the years his expertise and knowledge earned him valuable roles with the company, including several management and committee titles and co-head positions.


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