What are the Differences between SEO testing and SEO auditing?

SEO auditing

Competitions are regularly rising, and it is becoming difficult to survive in the highly competitive world because of the latest technological trends. Thus, to take a stand, you need to take your website to the top position in SERPs. If you are already running a business, you must have heard of SEO. It provides endless benefits. But, before implementing the final changes, you need to perform SEO testing and SEO auditing to ensure the changes that work best for you. SEO testing and SEO auditing will be discussed briefly in this article.

SEO tests vs. SEO audits:

People confuse between what is an SEO test and what is an SEO audit.

SEO auditing is referred to the process of seeing the present state of an existing page or website and, based on the best technical practices and rule sets, trying to come up with a list of fixtures, changes, or improvements.

SEO website audits are significant because they review the state of your entire website. They are capable of finding inconsistencies within the URL structure, index that needs to be non-indexed, or are having canonical URLs, the images that do not have the correct file sizes, or the alt tags. Also, SEO audits are capable of discovering content gap opportunities or flaws in the information architecture.

An SEO test is referred to the process of result tracking because of the change that has been made. So, it is always a good idea to perform an audit and opt for SEO testing on the fixes suggested by the audit. This will help you to evaluate the recommended changes’ effectiveness. You may opt for an SEO agency to make SEO tests and SEO audits work together.

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How does SEO testing work?

Testing is referred to the process of optimizing the SEO techniques and market messaging. A single SEO variable such as meta tags is isolated by the practitioners. Then, the performance variations are measured by them between a group of pages where the variable is altered, and the control group remains unchanged.

Some of the variables that are mostly tested are- titles, meta tags, content upgrades, internal linking, readability, and conversion optimization.

A wide range of metrics is targeted by marketers for improving their tests. The metrics are- search rankings, bounce rate, time on page, scroll depth, monthly web traffic, conversion rate, and bounce rate.

Why is SEO testing necessary?

The perfect strategy for a successful SEO can differ by page, product, and season. By identifying what works best for each case will help you to move quickly, even with limited resources. By opting for several experiments, one can also understand what will not work for him or her.

Although, it is hard for people to understand the true value of SEO testing. Some may find the value of information abstract. Few may find it a skeptical marketing concept. And most importantly, it is difficult to justify the dedicated resources and time towards any unproven activity.

What is an SEO audit?

The main target is to collect the page’s high-level view, performance, and architecture. It is about fixing the obstacles between your website and improved search rankings. Your job is to look for SEO inconsistencies and errors like poorly optimized headers, backlinks, and internal links, and broken links, and a lot more variables.

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Why is SEO audit necessary?

SEO audits fix problems associated with crawling and indexing, content performance and search snippet, and poor ranking for the critical keyword content. It proves the performance of the page, fixes the canonical tags.

Several SEO tasks are time-consuming and repetitive. It includes dreaming up click-friendly titles and key phrases, embedding backlinks, scouring for the broken links, and a lot more. There is a lot of things to manage.

Several companies struggle while applying the best SEO practices evenly. SEO audits are a widespread and well-known practice. It is all about understanding how the marketing spend is translated to marketing results.

Similar to SEO testing, SEO audits vary a lot. And it is difficult to exactly speak about their direct impact.


Both SEO audits and SEO testing are designed to bring clarity to an uncertain practice. SEO testing and SEO audits both serve their individual performs. But here, everything is about getting the highest ranking. So, it is best if you can make both SEO audits and SEO testing work together harmoniously. By doing this, you will be able to exercise the full potential of your content and website, and it will get you the desired traffic.



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