What Are the Requirements for a Title Loan in North Carolina?


Online Title Loans in North Carolina Can Offer Cash Quickly

North Carolina residents may live in one of the most beautiful states in the country, but that doesn’t mean they can’t experience financial hardship sometimes. Over half of all Americans currently don’t have enough money to save up to $1000, which can be devastating when an emergency happens. 

Rent prices are steadily increasing thanks to rising inflation, so paying your bills can be challenging. Traditional bank loans may require strict background checks and not approve someone with a poor credit score. When you’re in this position, the stress can be overwhelming!

The good news is that you can inquire about title loans in North Carolina if you’re struggling with your financial situation! The requirements can be simple to meet, and people from all walks of life may obtain approval for funding. Learn more about this loan option by visiting the LoanMart website! 

Who Can Qualify for a Title Loan in North Carolina?

The requirements for a title loan can be straightforward to meet, but residents of North Carolina must understand them before getting started. You can’t inquire about this financing option if you don’t meet the criteria below:

  • Be an Adult at Least 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Have a Qualifying Vehicle Title in Your Name
  • Have a Qualifying Vehicle With Some Positive Equity
  • Show Proof of Consistent Income
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You must be 18 years old to inquire about a title loan in North Carolina. This option can be a big responsibility; therefore, you must be old enough to make the decisions involved!

You also must have a vehicle title in your name to obtain approval for an auto title loan. Title loans work by allowing a person to borrow money off of the available equity in their vehicles and use their car title as collateral for the funding. Lenders place a lien on the title during this agreement and remove it after repayment is complete. You must have a qualifying car title in your name to move forward with this option! To replace or transfer a car title, contact your state’s DMV.

Your potential loan amount can depend on the equity of your vehicle when applying for a title loan. Positive car equity means your car is worth more than what you owe to the bank or dealership. 

Finally, proof of consistent income is crucial during a title loan inquiry because lenders must check that you can pay the money back. This criterion is a federal requirement to prevent predatory lending practices! Several alternative income sources may be acceptable to qualify for funding- you don’t need a traditional job to apply. 

What Documents Do I Need for a Title Loan in North Carolina?

You don’t need to hunt down complicated documents when applying for a title loan in North Carolina. Most adults have this paperwork on hand, which can make this a convenient financial option for people from many backgrounds! For an online title loan, you will need the following documents:

  • A Valid Government-Issued Photo I.D.
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Qualifying Vehicle Title in Your Name
  • Proof of a Steady Income
  • Recent Photos of Your Vehicle
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A valid government-issued photo I.D., like a driver’s license or passport, proves your age and identity during a title loan inquiry. You can show proof of residency by using official mail, like a utility bill or bank statement. As mentioned above, evidence of a vehicle title in your name is essential during this process!

Proof of steady income can be pay stubs, Social Security Benefits, workers’ compensation, or some self-employment, to name a few. Finally, you must take recent photos of your vehicle because these will serve as the virtual inspection for lenders during your title loan inquiry.

Apply for an Online Title Loan in North Carolina Today

Compared to traditional bank loans, the criteria and documents required for an online title loan in North Carolina can be simple to meet. Conventional bank loans may deny a person with a poor credit history or implement loans with high-interest rates. 


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