What Are The Types Of Capsule Filling Machines?


Capsule-filling machines are required in various industries. Pharmaceutical companies are the most significant users of these machines. With the advancement of technology, different types of devices are available. It is essential to understand each type in detail to decide which one will be useful for you. 

The manufacturing of drugs and other supplements involves the use of capsule-filling machines. These machines help fill up the capsules or supplements with various ingredients. The ingredients are related to the medicine. So, they can be in powder or liquid form, granules, etc. Every company has to pick the right equipment for manufacturing these products. Otherwise, there will be problems in the process. 

Let’s learn more about the types of capsule-filling machines. 

What Are The Various Types Of Capsule-Filling Machines? 

Pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers have some options regarding this equipment. Different capsule-filling machines work differently. That is why it is crucial to make your decision after analyzing everything. You can choose from the following options-

Manual Capsule Filling Machine 

Manual capsule fillers require human intervention. Workers need to pay attention to the working of the device. They must be there throughout the process. The best part about using this equipment is that they are cost-effective. Other liquid capsule-filling machines might not provide you with this advantage.  

Manual capsule fillers are suitable for small-scale drug production. Only small pharmaceutical companies should consider them for manufacturing the capsules. These machines are usually made up of acrylic. So, their durability is better than other machines. Apart from that, operating and maintaining these devices is convenient. Some other advantages also make this equipment good enough for capsule filling. The machine can fill almost all the ingredients, like granules, powder, liquid, pellets, etc., into the capsules. 


  • User-friendly: The most significant reason companies select this manual machine is that it is user-friendly. Anyone can learn to operate manual capsule fillers by following some instructions. These machines are convenient to use without any trouble. 
  • Save money: If you have a tight budget, you should always consider getting a manual capsule filler. Unlike semi-automatic and automatic devices, you don’t need to spend money on maintenance.
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You can also save some money on energy consumption. These machines do not require an enormous amount of electricity.

  • Manufacture different types of capsules: Manual capsule-filling machines can work with many capsule structures. So it becomes easier for companies to produce them.
  • Lightweight and portable: Other capsule-filling machines are usually heavy, but manual fillers are lightweight. It means you can easily carry them from one place to another.  
  • Easy to clean and maintain: The maintenance of manual capsule fillers is straightforward. Anyone can do the cleaning after dismantling the equipment.  


  • Unsuitable for large production: Large pharmaceutical companies should not buy manual capsule following machines because they are suitable only for low production. Manual capsule fillers only produce 10 to 800 capsules in one go. So, semi-automatic and automatic ones are better in this situation. 
  • Inaccuracy in the capacity: The amount of ingredient that needs to be filled in a capsule should be accurate. However, manual capsule fillers do not fill in the proper amount. 
  • Labor costs: Installing manual capsule fillers will increase labor costs. That is a matter of concern for many companies. 

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 

By the term semi-automatic, it is evident that these machines are a combination of manual and automatic. They can fill around 10,000 to 20,000 capsules in an hour. So, you can expect large production. 

Semi-automatic capsule fillers can only fill hard ingredients, such as granules, powder, or pellets. They are incapable of filling soft gelatin capsules. It is the most significant thing to consider before purchasing this equipment. 

These machines are not entirely automatic. Therefore, only a few workers are necessary to operate them. Let’s now look at the pros and cons in detail. 

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  • Save money: Semi-automatic capsule fillers are best for saving money. The maintenance and labor costs are not that high. 
  • Improved efficiency: If you need efficient equipment, consider this option. The total production estimate is 10,000 to 20,000 an hour. 
  • Accurate capacity: Accuracy plays a crucial role in manufacturing capsules. The ingredient capacity should be correct, and semi-automatic machines are best for the same. 


  • Heavyweight: Semi-automatic capsule fillers are heavier and don’t provide portability. 
  • Labor costs: Labor costs make it an expensive option. Operators are required for better production.
  • Cannot fill every type of drug: These machines cannot fill different capsules, especially soft gelatin ones. 

Automatic Capsule Filling Machines 

Automatic capsule fillers are most prominent these days. The primary reason is that they don’t need human intervention. The overall amount of production is also higher with these machines. You can manufacture around 12,000 to 4,50,000 capsules every hour. 

Large pharmaceutical companies always prefer automatic capsule fillers because of their durability and efficiency. Everything about these devices is noteworthy. Therefore, their price is also a bit on the expensive side. But it is a one-time investment. 


  • High speed and efficiency: As workers are not required, the machine does all the tasks automatically. It gives rise to high speed and efficiency. 
  • Safe to use: There are no risks involved in using these machines. You can use them without any hesitation. 
  • Accurate capacity: Automatic machines are built to fill a precise amount of ingredients in the capsules.  


  • Require huge investment: You must have enough funds to buy an automatic capsule-filling machine. They are more expensive than other options.
  • Heavy: The weight of these machines is heavy because of the stainless steel material. Portability is not a thing when it comes to these machines.
  • High maintenance costs: An automatic capsule-filling machine needs maintenance. So, the costs are always high. The filling requirements are also different. 

Final Words

Choosing a particular type of capsule-filling machine is a challenging task. It is because these machines are different from each other in some ways. Every buyer needs to analyze the requirements and then make a decision. A lot of factors are involved in deciding such a thing. So, make sure to check everything before making a final decision. 


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