What content can be protected by anti-piracy companies?

protected by anti-piracy companies?

We are living in a digitalized world, and where the most common type of piracy years ago was illegally downloading movies, piracy nowadays goes beyond that. Even more, online pirates who are using piracy, can harm your company by stealing your brand identity, copy the products you are selling and using your content without your consent. Unfortunately, protecting your own company from piracy is often off limits; it is hard and very time consuming. That is where an anti-piracy company comes in handy; they can relieve your burden of protecting your brand! Are you curious what kind of content can be protected by such a company? Read beneath through, and you will find out! 

e-Learning & Online courses

There are a lot of anti piracy companies with special services which can be deployed in order for your e-Learning and online courses, such as digital courses, tutorials or instruction videos. For example, such companies are taking down versions that are copied without your consent, so that customers and users of your instruction video’s will return to your website! 

Movies & Series

Although a shift has been detected from the quality and quantity in which piracy takes place, movies and series are still being pirated. A anti-piracy company can monitor whether illegal downloads and streams take place, and find out whether there are links or URLs online that lead to the illegal websites where your content is being uploaded. 

Books, Magazines & Publishing

You might only think about video’s when you think about content, but nothing is further than the truth! Content also includes written documents, such as books, magazines and publishing. An anti-piracy company can support and help in investigating and finding illegal copies of books, magazines or other kinds of publishing. Lots of companies monitor a database of piracy sites to find illegal matches! 

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Software, Plugins & Mobile Applications

Anti-piracy companies can help take down illegal software, plugins and other kinds of digital assets. Hint! One very big player within the anti-piracy market is Onsist.com, with more than 700+ protected companies over 10+ years.

Content creators & Models

Picture this; you are a content creator for a specific website, or maybe for your own Instagram-page, and you find out that your content is being used for other purposes, without your consent! Anti-piracy companies can help you find those pirates and undertake action; your brand identity won’t be harmed when the action is taken.


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