What Do You Need to Know About 3PL Business and Distribution?

3PL Business

In every economy or business, logistics has always been an important component. The global globalization movement has resulted in many companies outsourcing their logistics operations to third-party logistics (3PL) businesses. This encourages them to focus more on their competitive advantages and produce higher profits.

With container tracking and the proper support, you can take care of anything and take your 3PL business to the next level. You need a logistic and financial supply chain management framework that offers simple order management, order fulfillment, quality tracking, visibility, and much more at a low price at your fingertips. Read on to learn more here on what you need to know about 3PL business and distribution.

What Are the Current Challenges in the 3PL Industry?

Here are the top-most challenges faced by the 3PL industry.

Staffing New Talent

Finding new talent is one of the most critical 3PL problems. Attracting and preserving top talent is one of the greatest challenges for corporate executives. The number of workers in traditional high-turning occupations has decreased due to the automated storage and retrieval systems (AS / RS).

Accurate Reporting Systems for Inventory Management

It is a hectic job in a medium-sized 3PL supplier to monitor all shipments that are being delivered. The role of asking the sellers to make a monthly declaration is painful work. Although there is a good reporting method, those activities are extremely streamlined; simultaneously, medium-sized 3PL organizations can invest only in the cost-effective, operationally-oriented reporting system.

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Rules and Regulations

As most 3PL businesses move goods to different countries, they must follow the shipping laws of various countries and regions. Every nation has its collection of laws and regulations, and these businesses need to stay in sync with these rules to keep trade unchallenged. Once more, it is a difficult challenge, especially for 3PL companies who do not have access to a suitable task force that can keep updated on the various rules.

3PL businesses face a significant obstacle in which they cannot satisfy the unique logistic demands of shippers in some instances. The consignors are commonly disappointed by such considerations as packaging, distribution, customer care, etc.

Minimal Collaboration

The supply chain activities include both manufacturers and carriers, but the management also overlooks the aspect of physical storage and transport. The absence of coordination between shippers, carriers, and end-users will adversely affect the supply chain’s efficient operation.

No Permanent Infrastructure

This is a big obstacle for the 3PL businesses of most developing countries worldwide. Some of the issues may include bad road conditions, poor communication, insufficient air- and sea-port capability, and lack of modern transport modes, including rail, road, and waterways.

How Can Container Tracking Help 3PL Businesses?

Instead of working with various platforms, a singular container tracking platform can easily configure and combine with other solutions. This ensures that you can combine your solutions with your chosen carriers, stocks, sales, pickups, packing, and distribution solutions from the beginning. You won’t have to think about anything, and you can easily track containers, supplies, and more from one singular platform.

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Not only can you use modern container tracking solutions to monitor your inventory and shipping, but you can also use such options to fulfill both your financial needs and company needs. You will rapidly boost your cash flow with tailor-made solutions and simplify your container tracking process. These ensure that all new gateways, including bank integrations and credit card traders, can be used with existing solutions.


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