What help Bookkeeper and Accountants to Work remotely

Accountants to Work remotely

After two years of the pandemic, we see how it forced us to change our lifestyle, quickly adapt to remote work and learn to engage differently best e-sign software with our customers. Video meetings, video conferences can now happen back to back, with no traffic delays. Documents can be transferred and e-signed in minutes, with no more waiting for the mail to arrive. Online software or virtual tools save companies time and money. If your accounting or bookkeeping company was slow to adopt cloud-based software and virtual tools, so it was excellent timing to change it. Here are essential tools for bookkeepers and accountants to work remotely that help make daily tasks more accessible, seamless, and efficient. In this article, you will know about What help Bookkeeper and Accountants to Work remotely.

  • Secure Cloud File Storage System for Accountants to Work remotely

Every accountant and bookkeeper, especially those who want to work remotely, needs a secure and centralized online document management and storage system to give both your firm and your clients’ peace of mind. There are so many applications available online such as Dropbox Business, Google Drive, eFileCabinet, etc. One great and low-cost option is LedgerDocs. It helps bookkeepers and accountants to share, store, and manage their essential accounting documents in the cloud. 

  • Electronic Signature (eSign) Tool

If your company still sends documents to clients for signatures, you need to consider an eSign tool. eSign software can speed things up for you. here are the most popular electronic signature software brands that you can use;

  • Adobe Sign.
  • DocuSign.
  • HelloSign
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  • Scan bills and receipts app

Scanning and storing your paper receipts online or in the cloud is a great way to stay organized. An essential part of being a bookkeeper is having a system to collect and manage receipts. Technology has given bookkeepers great tools options. There are so many receipt management software available online such as TaxDocs. The ability to scan bills and organize them digitally has saved the bookkeeping profession countless hours of human resources.


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