What Important Things Are Missing From Your Home Maintenance Routines

Home Maintenance Routines

Keeping on top of your household chores is a breeze once you find a rhythm that suits you. Many of us are able to set aside a few hours a week to thoroughly deep clean your property, and this is enough to prevent long-term maintenance problems from developing. If you are lucky you can even get the kids involved to speed up the process.

However, every home will have a few additional maintenance chores that are often neglected. These are the things that need to be addressed every couple of months and are often forgotten as a result. Is there anything in your home that you aren’t paying enough attention to? Read on to find out.

Vacuuming And Flipping Your Mattress

If you knew exactly how many germs gather on your mattress over time you would probably never sleep in a bed again. Humans spend an estimated one-third of their life in bed, which means there are plenty of opportunities for dirt to build up. It is easy to forget about the cleanliness of your bed, after all, you do clean and sway the sheets regularly. However, this is only half the job of keeping your bed clean.

Experts suggest that you should flip your mattress once every six months. This process allows any lumps to settle and can remove any grime that has built up. You can also improve the chances of reducing this dirt build-up by running the vacuum across your newly flipped bed. It doesn’t take long and can provide you with a better night’s sleep.

Cleaning Light Switches And Door Handles

Germs can travel from surface to surface. These microscopic organisms are one of the leading causes of illness, which is why it is important to eradicate them with the right cleaning substances. However, the two surfaces that are touched the most in any home are the light switches and door handles. What’s more, these are the two surfaces that most of us forget to clean.

You may not be aware of how many people touch these during the day, and you can never be sure who washes their hands after using the bathroom. Improve your weekly cleaning routine by also remembering to wipe down these surfaces. They are only small but they have a big impact on our lives.

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Emptying The Septic Tank

Your septic tank is responsible for removing all of the waste from your property so that you don’t have to think about it. While you may want to avoid your septic tank at all costs, you will need to empty it on occasion to prevent a backup of sewage.

Fortunately, this job only needs to be done once every two years. Signs of a full septic tank include slow drains, bad smells in the yard, and standing water on top of the tank itself. Thankfully, there are sites out there like Halls Septic Service Inc. that can help with any queries that you have about tank maintenance and inspection. It isn’t a nice thing to think about, but the sooner you get advice and fix the problem the quicker you can move on to more pleasant jobs.

Clean The Cleaners

It is easy to forget that some of the cleaning devices in your home actually require the same care and attention that you give to other parts of your house. In fact, many of us never take the time to wash our showerheads, shower curtains, or washing machines. The common thought process behind this neglect is often centered on the fact these are objects that are designed to clean, therefore the clean themselves. Unfortunately, life isn’t that kind.

Stale water can accrue on all of these surfaces, and stale water very quickly becomes mould. This mould can then seep into the things that you are cleaning and make the process redundant. No one wants to walk around in smelly clothes, especially after you’ve just put them through a cycle.

Make sure to put your washing machine on an empty cleaning spin when you have the chance, and pay extra attention to parts of the bathroom that keep you clean. 

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Deep Clean The Fridge

You may not realize it, but your fridge can contain just as many germs as your toilet if not taken care of properly. This box of foodstuff is often the victim of careless spills. These spills are forgotten about, leaving the food to grow rank over time. Remember that this is a place that you eat out of?

A quick sweep of the fridge once a week can help you identify any spills or out-of-date food that needs to be removed. This will keep the newer food fresher for longer, and prevent any stomach bugs from infecting your family. It is also worth looking into proper fridge organization. An incorrect fridge layout can cause cross-contamination between foods, again making it likely that you become ill. These acts do not take long, and the more often you do it the less time it will take overall.

Look After Your Upholstery

It can be difficult to know how to clean off some household fabrics. Sofa covers and armchair fabrics are odd anomalies in the cleaning process. Many of you will probably run the hoover across these objects and call it a day. This method will remove crumbs from the object; however, you are still left with a few unwanted stains.

The trick to cleaning upholstery lies in baking soda. You can sprinkle this substance across all of your seating and wait for it to do its magic. After about twenty minutes, you will find that any household smells have vanished and your sofa is as soft as ever. You can remove any excess baking soda with a vacuum. You were already going to run this over the house, after all.


Household maintenance is a difficult balance, one that you will rarely achieve. While there are always going to be little maintenance chores that you will forget, you are now prepared to deal with the bulk of your household issues.


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