What is ‘live’ betting?


Live betting has been a key feature for many online sportsbooks and Online Cricket Betting ID companies in the last few years. In our ever-more immediate world, bettors can now respond to live sporting events armed with better judgement to take advantage of increased odds. 

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at live betting. We’ll first look at what it is, before looking at how it works. We’ll examine the benefits of placing bets in-play and lastly consider some of the most popular sports for in-game bets.

The definition of live betting

Live betting is also known as in-play or in-game betting. It quite simply refers to the category of bets that players can make once a game has started. 

Depending on the sport and the betting company, live bets may be possible at different stages of the game, or throughout. For example, some firms offer live bets at half-time, or between quarters or periods of the game. 

Some online sportsbooks offer odds and bets with every single event that happens in the game – sometimes down to individual possessions. 

Live betting, therefore, is for players who like to watch and play along, either on live stream through betting apps or even going to the fixture in person.

How does live betting work?

As mentioned above, live betting can operate in different ways. Some bets or enhanced odds are offered exclusively during intervals of the game. Others offer constantly changing odds in response to events. 

For example, if we look at live football, many online betting companies offer in-play bets minute by minute. These odds can change drastically in response to what happens in the game. 

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If a player receives a yellow card, for instance, the odds of them receiving a red card may increase. Similarly, if one team scores a late goal to take the lead, the odds of the other team winning the game may be so long that they reach the realms of the impossible. 

However, it’s in these situations that bettors have the opportunity to win big.

Are there benefits to live betting?

One of the key perks to live betting is the ability to take advantage of better odds when things are seemingly going the other team’s way. 

Let’s look at an example from the NFL and Super Bowl 51. At one point, the Falcons led 28-3. The odds of the Patriots winning the game stretched to 10/1. Some speculative and no doubt hopeful punters bet on them to come back and win. In the end, the Patriots did come back, and won the game in overtime. 

Every online sportsbook offers its own odds for in-play bets. If you search for the likes of Betsson live betting, you’ll be sure to find competitive odds on live games. The same is true for many other firms too. 

Another benefit to live betting is that when trying to call the closer fixtures, by watching the first few minutes and seeing how the teams and players are performing and approaching the game, you have an opportunity to gain better insight. 

Depending on what you see in those early moments, it can aid your judgement and give you an edge when it comes to placing your bets. 

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What sports can you bet on live?

You can bet on a wide range of sports in-game. We’ve referred to a couple already – football and the NFL, two of the most popular sports in the world. 

To provide entertainment to betting fans, companies have invested a lot in their in-play systems. Football betting, for instance, now comes with live streams, commentary, up to the minute statistics and more, all designed to help you make a better call. 

Another popular sport for in-play betting is basketball – the NBA in particular. Live betting has taken on a whole new level of depth, with bettors able to bet on the next possession (available after timeouts and free throws), predict the result of each quarter, a player’s point total in each quarter, and all of the classic bets like point spreads and game outcomes.


Live betting speaks to our desire for immediacy. With a few taps of our phones or clicks of a mouse, bettors can respond as and when events unfold.

Being able to place bets with the power of insight can boost the chances of winning – provided you judge things right! And when you do call it, the odds can be significant and the winnings big. 


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