May 2020 Google Core Update | Everything you need to know!

may 2020 core update
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To begin with, Google is the most common search engine in use across the globe. From live entertainment to traveling and viewing events nearby, Google seems to serve its purpose well. But, nowadays, the world’s largest search Engine company has encountered changes in “search types” like never before. People are now focusing on searching for basic products, COVID-19 pandemic, and latest news. For the most part, searches like tourism, hotels nearby, and traveling are severely down. Consequently, leading to the May 2020 Google Core Update in the context of Search Algorithms and System. 

A community that works its way around the web is well-acknowledged to the fact that Google drops multiple updates throughout each year for the betterment of its users. However, likewise every other company, COVID-19 Epidemic caused Google to take a long-pause after an update in January 2020. 

In this reading, we are presenting you information regarding the latest Google core update. This update has been made keeping in mind how the world has changed its searching behavior due to this current pandemic. Above all, Google has realized that it is time to cater to its billions of users across the globe at a level of convenience-at-home. Let’s begin!

What is May 2020 Google Core Update?

Up until now, many websites that are highly visible on Google’s first-page result may not be that worthy of users’ trust. To begin with, Google is functioning its way ahead of SEOs who manipulate information in content to get a higher number of views and simply monetize for the same. 

But, this core update will work on the side of users. To begin with, Google ensures that co-existing sites on Google Discover may experience an instant drop or gain during this process. However, this will only be the impact of how Google is adjusting its first page results. For such adjustment, Google has dropped a few aspects of content that it will focus on:

  1. Authenticity of Information
  2. Level of Understandability
  3. How obvious or diverse the content is?
  4. Plagiarism
  5. Comprehensive headings and content
  6. The decency of content depending on adding to bookmarks or share with friends online
  7. Does the content fit for printed media?
  8. How trustable the information is?
  9. Whether or not, the author is well-attached to the topic?
  10. Number of errors in content

Apart from these 10 common issues, May 2020 Google Core update will definitely impact the SEO community. 

May 2020 Google Core update
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What is January 2020 Google Core Update?

Well! To begin with, January 2020 Google Core Update wasn’t much visible. However, there are some analytic theories that explain what Google changed in January 2020? 

  • Websites that do not offer Affiliate links leading to the useless search for viewers
  • Content that holds excellent quality, however, not rewarded enough, is rewarded with the January 2020 core update.
  • Examine the authenticity and trustability of content offered on the site
  • Healthcare content upscale on Google
  • Elimination of Spam content

Will May 4th Google update impact existing websites?

The answer is: Yes! To begin with, Google gives a month or two to the existing website users in order to fix the flaws as per the new Google core update guidelines. Mainly, this core update will impact the performance of the website. Some websites will surely upscale on first page results because of the authentic and original information. However, other websites may drop because of old or non-original information updates. seems fair!

How will downscaled websites recover?

As per Google webmaster update on web, a website that downscale in the context of performance due to May 2020 Google Core update, they are not likely to recover easily. To begin with, an SEO can make content edits based on the new guidelines. For example, writers of content can change a non-authentic content to an authentic one. Furthermore, change plagiarised content to the original one. Thus, to summarize, there is only one way to overcome the disadvantages of the latest Google Core update. That is, resolve flaws in content as per the updated guidelines.

Alongside the above solution, another recovery-possible solution is “to wait for the next Google core update.” Google changes its algorithms and system from time-to-time to offer equal opportunity to all website owners. 


On one hand, Google 2020 May Core Update will come out as a panic-factor for SEOs who manipulate information. However, it will give an edge to users who have trust issues when it comes to searching for information on the Google search engine. 



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