What is Term Life Insurance?

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A popular option among young people with families, term life insurance is a flexible, low-cost insurance coverage option. But, how do you know whether term life insurance is right for you? And, what are some of the alternative options and other options you can move on to later?

Well, in this article, these are exactly the things we’ll be detailing. So, if you are considering getting a term life insurance rates and want to know more, read on.

Who is Term Life Insurance for?

Term whole universal life insurance is best for people who own a business, or homeowners who have a mortgage and may also have a young family to take care of.

What is Term Life Insurance for?

Term life insurance is primarily used for temporary coverage from the financial impact of death. Term life insurance doesn’t generally offer any of the extra options some other types of insurance would.

What’s good about Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance policies are among the least complicated types of policy out there. As a result, they are simple to get to grips with.

As well as this, term life insurance also gives you a good way to get a lot of coverage, but at a very low price.

What’s more, if you are still young, your term life insurance policy will be extremely affordable.

What are the disadvantages of Term Life Insurance?

Of course, with term life insurance, your coverage is merely temporary. So, though you get a decent amount of coverage, it is all gone as soon as the term is up, even if some terms can last 20 or 30 years. What’s more, the price of renewing invariably gets impossibly steep after your term expires. In this way, term life insurance can end up quite expensive. So, you must be careful in choosing the right term for your circumstances at the beginning.

According to GetSure, a good way to weigh different term lengths is to look at mortality rates and leading causes of death by age. In this way, you can get a rough sense of what the chance is that you will pass away (and therefore make use of your insurance) during the term that you selected.

What do I need to look out for with Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance makes a good option for lots of people. That being said, there are some changes to the modern world that you need to bear in mind before considering getting term life insurance.

One of these things is the fact that it is more and more common for adult children today to be financially dependent on their parents for a longer time than ever before. You must consider what you would do if your children’s financial dependency extended on for a longer time past your term policy expiration.

As well as this, mortgage and consumer debt are also now increasingly common. This means that you could end up still in debt years after your term life insurance policy expires, with no coverage.

When is it most lucrative to get term life insurance?

It generally makes the most sense to get term life insurance both when you are young, and when you know that you will only need temporary coverage. As we mentioned earlier, term life insurance is the cheapest for you to buy when you are young because people go for term life insurance designed to last only until their children are no longer financially dependent on them. Other people pick term life insurance policies to last until their mortgage is paid off.

Can I convert Term Life Insurance?

Yes. In most policies, it is usually possible to convert a term life insurance policy to a different policy like a whole life insurance policy or corporate-owned life insurance, when the term is up. It’s a good idea to make certain that this is possible with your particular policy before you buy it, however, if this is what you think you may want to do.

Can I change my Term Life Insurance to Whole Life Insurance?

A pricier form of insurance, but one with unique advantages and perks, whole life insurance is another coverage option. When your term expires, you can usually convert your term life insurance to this type of policy, as a cheap option that gives you a similar amount of coverage

Can I convert Term Life Insurance to Corporate-Owned Life Insurance?

Another alternative insurance policy and investment option is corporate-owned life insurance. This is another product that suits business owners.

Usually, the retained profits and surplus cash a business has is invested in taxable investments. This does allow a business to benefit from low corporate tax rates on active business income. But eventually, these assets will be taxed at high dividend tax rates.

However, corporate-owned life insurance is a tax-effective way for a wealthy individual to accumulate passive wealth within a company, access it tax-free, and move it tax-free to their surviving beneficiaries. What’s more is, converting term life insurance to corporate-owned life insurance is usually simple enough.

Will Term Life Insurance interfere with my work’s insurance?

Term Life Insurance generally works well with the insurance you might already get from your job, and they shouldn’t clash with each other. But it’s worth looking over all the paperwork you will get with your term life insurance policy, just to make sure.

Do I need an advisor for Term Life Insurance?

Though term life insurance is a simple and straightforward enough financial product, getting in touch with a financial advisor can help you to pick the best term life insurance policy for you, and to dodge those unexpected pitfalls.

So, what is Term Life Insurance?

Well, in short, term life insurance is a low-cost insurance option that can give you quite a strong amount of coverage at a very small price, especially if you are young. However, this coverage is only temporary, with the shortest possible term being 5 years and the longest known term available being 30 years. Term life insurance is a good starting option for many people until the term expires and they switch to corporate-owned life insurance, whole life insurance or another option, to give them the appropriate coverage for their needs.


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