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Truthfully, while internet speed is a significant factor in online gaming, it’s not the only factor. To participate in online gaming and keep up with the rest of the players, you really only need a connection of a minimum of 5Mbps. However, keep in mind that your base internet feed isn’t the only thing that’s going to determine how “fast” your access is. In this article, we’ll take you through all the things that influence your internet “speed” or how well you’re able to keep up with your teammates when you play Online Cricket Betting ID
stream your games.

Download and Upload Speed

Playing some games, such as Destiny 2 or Diablo, doesn’t require a tremendous amount of bandwidth. If you were watching a video on YouTube, you’d need a far more significant amount because the video is streamed to your device from the internet. When playing a game, your graphics card has to render the game world locally, on your PC, and display it on your monitor. There’s not actually that much information passing between your PC and the server, all that’s exchanged is your keyboard and mouse or controller input, your location and everyone else’s, communication between players and the world state. One item on this list that really impacts your speed is the location of the various players involved in the game, especially if you’re playing an MMO. Many players cause frame drops which means that you’ll either experience lag or that horrible “teleportation” experience where your character appears to have jumped from one place to another. Most modern, high def graphics games will require a download speed of around 3Mbps to keep you in the game, as it were.

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While download speed is imperative, upload speed plays a role as well. The interactive aspect of games means that you need to consider how much information from your computer or console will need to travel to a server in a remote location. Typically, the upload speed you’d need to manage most online games would be about 1-2Mbps. If you’re unsure about what your connections offer you, take a speed test and compare it to the rates that your ISP says you should be getting.

Latency and Why It’s Your Worst Enemy

Most gamers will already be familiar with the term, but in case you’re not, latency is the time it takes for a data packet (the info sent from game to server) to get from the PC to the server. A great analogy is a tennis ball bouncing off the wall; how long does it take between the time you hit the ball till the ball hits the other player’s racket and bounces back to you? Sending a “ping” will answer that question for you. If your latency rate is too high, you’ll start to experience lag. If you have a high latency rate, you’re going to have big problems playing fast-paced games; a good example is Overwatch. You’ll move your mouse and send information to the server, but the delay in that response getting back to you is what might lose the round or get you killed. If you are experiencing more lag than other players, you’ll never be able to keep up. There are a few different things that can impact the level of latency that you might experience; the physical distance between you and the server is one of those things. The closer you are to the server, the fewer issues you’ll have. Your connection type can have an impact here too. Satellite internet has extremely high latency issues as connections go because the distance the information has to travel is so vast. Cable connections have a medium latency level, while fiber connections have the lowest latency of the bunch because information travels at the speed of light. When choosing a connection, either fiber or DSL would be the best option if you’re considering gaming.

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How Can You Reduce Lag?

A direct connection is the best option to avoid lag as Wi-Fi is excellent for many things, but not for internet connectivity when you’re gaming; a physical connection is the way to go. If Wi-Fi is your only option, make sure that your console or PC is as close as possible to the router; a clear line of sight is best. Make sure that your device is connected via 5G if possible. Turn off any background apps that might be using the internet if they aren’t essential at that very moment. Look for the closest server to you and connect to that one so that the information has the shortest possible distance to travel.

Wrap Up

game server may be very beneficial for a more reliable experience and emphasized performance. Hopefully, these tips regarding internet speed can help you when you’re trying to get your internet gaming to the highest possible level!





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