What Is the Best Procedure for removing fat in men?

Male Liposuction

Having a fit body is the dream of everyone, irrespective of gender. Gone are the days when only women were obsessed with the perfect body. Nowadays, we can see many male individuals also focusing on keeping themselves fit and in good shape. Most people tend to go for cosmetic surgeries and other clinical procedures to get instant results. Every process comes with its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular treatments for fat removal in men is male Liposuction. Let’s get to know more about Liposuction treatment. 

What is a Male Liposuction procedure? 

Male Liposuction is known as the procedure which removes stubborn fats from various parts of the body. This procedure is perfect for those who are not getting the proper results in weight loss even after following a healthy diet and exercise. This procedure is considered the best alternative for facelifts, breast reduction, tummy tucks, and other skin and cosmetic laser treatments

Who can opt for Male Liposuction Procedure? 

Many people think that anyone can get the Male Liposuction procedure done to remove the fats from the body. But this is a myth. Not everyone is eligible to get male Liposuction done on their body. Male Liposuction procedure does not help with cellulite removal. If someone is looking for fat removal due to the cellulite issue, then Liposuction is not the solution. Here you would need to consider the alternative solution. 

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The person who wishes to get the Male Liposuction procedure needs to be within 30% of the healthy weight zone of the body. The skin with nice elasticity gives the best results in this procedure. If the person is a smoker, then he would need to quit it before getting the liposuction treatment done on the body. It allows your body to heal quickly and reduce the chances of any further complications or side effects. Male Liposuction is also not recommended for people with diabetes, weak immune system, or heart disease.   

What is the difference between Female and Male liposuction procedures? 

Most people get confused with female and male liposuction treatment. They think that both of the procedures are the same. But they are different, and one of the biggest difference is in the areas where the liposuction treatment is done. In the case of men, the liposuction treatment is done on the lower abdomen area, love handles, and upper arms. Here they do not target the thighs, neck, chin, and chest, unlike females. Here the type of procedure does not change. The anatomy and the recovery time are common for both. 

How does the Male Liposuction process work? 

In the Male Liposuction treatment, the expert first marks the areas where you want the fat removed. They mark these areas with circles and lines. Sometimes they also take the photographs for before and after different purposes after completing the surgery. The surgeon decides on the right technique depending upon the area that needs to be treated. 

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Some of the most commonly used treatments are Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, Tumescent Liposuction, and Laser-assisted Liposuction. Here one can get the local anesthesia depending upon the size of the area. Most of the time, the experts give sedatives through IV injection to ease the procedure. They also monitor your vitals, such as blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate throughout the procedure. This whole procedure can take several hours, depending upon the size of the area. 

Hence you need to be ready to spend a longer time at the clinic. Some of the clinics let you stay overnight at the clinic to recover from anesthesia. Here they also monitor the signs of dehydration or shock, if any. 

What kind of results can one expect after a Male Liposuction procedure?

Post-procedure, one can expect swelling, pain, or bruising. Here generally, the experts recommend pain killers depending upon the situation. Sometimes they also prescribe antibiotics to avoid the infection. Most of the time, the experts leave the incisions open to place temporary drains in your wound. This helps to drain the excess fluid. Hence it is always recommended to wear the compression garment for around a month after the procedure is done. It helps to reduce the swelling. 


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