What Is Virtual Bingo and How Does It Work?


The latest technology is being to good use in many different types of entertainment these days. One example of this comes with virtual bingo. It is an intriguing twist on a well-established game that lets players hook up with the hosts online.

The Basics

The new trend sees players go online to take part in a live bingo game. Of course, internet bingo has been available for several years, and has become hugely popular in that time. However, our ever-increasing turn towards the online realm for our entertainment has meant that a new type of internet bingo variant has emerged in recent months. 

Rather than marking an on-screen card and chatting to other players, those who take part can now join a live stream of a bingo game. This version of bingo utilizes the same sort of streaming technology that has become widely used in live casino gameplay in recent years. In these games, dealers spin real-life roulette wheels and deal physical playing cards to players, who watch in real time via video link. 

Virtual bingo is similar, as players follow the action on their screens. In addition to this, the video stream may also contain live music, jokes, and other fun elements that turn it into a more complete entertainment experience akin to the most exciting land-based bingo halls. 

Will This Type of Bingo Remain Popular?

Virtual – and digital – games of bingo are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. As the world increasingly turns to new technology and its potential to update the way we enjoy our entertainment both remotely and in person, more and more operators are eager to deliver something special – and, due to increased tech adoption, more and more players are interested in trying them out. 

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But is the new trend of virtual bingo set to continue? The best way we can calculate this is by looking at other types of internet-enabled bingo gameplay. This way of playing online has gained massive levels of popularity in the last few years. Looking at popular operators such as Betfair Bingo demonstrates just how far this industry has come. You can play online bingo here in any of several rooms, with varying ticket prices and prizes appealing to different demographics and styles of gameplay.

How Do You Play Virtual Bingo?

Virtual bingo is largely similar to any type of traditional or even online bingo you may have played in the past. The general idea of marking off the numbers on a bingo card as they are called out one by one remains the same.

To take part, players need to use the number of their cellphone. They remove the initial zero and then group the remaining ten digits into five groups of double-digit numbers. Any digit that appears more than once just needs to be increased by one, so that each number is unique. These are the numbers that make up their card, which players can create at home in any way that suits them. A series of numbers are then called out for players to mark off as they follow the video-streamed action online.

When a player completes their card, they need to text the word BINGO and add a note of their name and location to organizers. Do note that this form of bingo is currently only available to specific players in specific countries.

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The undisputed success of online bingo has shown us that there is a demand for playing this way, while the public shows no sign of turning away from technology. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see virtual bingo continue to gain fans in the future.


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