What Other Jobs Can You Do With An Accounting Degree Besides Accounting?


Accounting has been regarded as a demanding but boring career for many years. Getting a degree in accounting means that you’ll be trapped with financial data for eight hours every day, analyzing and bookkeeping it until you’re tired of it and repeating the same procedure every day.

However, this isn’t always the case, thanks to the vast opportunities for career development available nowadays.

You can find some of the most interesting jobs in any industry by earning a degree in accounting. This article will walk you through seven different job options that you can pursue after studying accounting as your major.

Things You Learn In an Accounting Degree

The accounting curriculum covers a wide range of topics, just as there are many different jobs in this field. A Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree will overlap in some areas, but they will differ based on your professional goals after graduation.

The Bachelor’s degree program will introduce you to a wide range of accounting subjects, including payables and receivables, tax laws, accounting principles, and software such as Microsoft and Google excel sheets. Moreover, you will develop problem-solving, interpersonal, and analytical skills along with knowledge of diversity.

However, a master’s in Accountancy is associated with advanced topics such as auditing, fraud analysis, and global accounting. You will also gain extensive insight into corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, computer science, analytical methods, and ethical decision-making from a master’s degree.

Exploring Multiple Options

A degree and skills in accounting can also enable you to qualify for jobs in the following fields:

  • Forensics Accountant

Currently, forensic accountants are one of the highest-paid jobs in law enforcement. Using their accounting skills and extensive knowledge of the law, they provide educated legal opinions about certain cases involving fraud.

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Those with excellent attention to detail are particularly well suited to this position, as any findings found and recommendations made must hold up in court. The judge or lawyer won’t care if you made an error in your calculation, but they will certainly use it as an excuse to hold you accountable.

  • Medical Biller

If you are an accountant with an interest in the medical field, then you can become a Medical Biller. Billers work in hospitals and health practices as well as handle insurance paperwork. They acquire approvals of procedures, confirm if patients are eligible for certain procedures on insurance, and review medical bills. They also resolve any unpaid claims by filling out the missing information and acting as an intermediary between patients and insurers.

  • Investment Banker

Investment Bankers build financial models, evaluate market trends, and manage transactions to help companies raise funds. Your primary role as an Investment Banker would be working with the financial figures, so the analytical skills you developed as an accountant will come in handy. A bachelor’s degree in business with a specialization in accounting or finance is required for entry-level positions; however, you will need a master’s degree in accounting if you wish to advance in the field. The industry of investment banking is a demanding one, but it’s one that offers high salaries as well as plenty of career development opportunities.

  • Fraud Examiner

Fraud examiners analyze claims and proofs of fraud. In addition to interviewing people, compiling and scrutinizing paper works, and drafting final reports, they also share their evidence in court and give testimony. 

Your job as a fraud investigator will include working in the following industries:

  1. Insurance
  2. Bank
  3. Healthcare

However, you will have to specialize in the investigation of one industry fraud to become familiar with the laws of that area.

  • Tax Manager
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As a tax manager, your primary job will be to supervise a team of accountants in the tax department. In addition to preparing company taxes, you will also ensure that the operations comply with local, state, and federal tax laws. However, you should be a research enthusiast as you will have to stay updated on any changes to the law. According to the company, you can also develop different strategies to save the most money during tax season.

  • Data Analyst

Accounting professionals have experience in interpreting and performing analyses of complicated data sets. Many business intelligence positions require analytical skills and problem-solving abilities to analyze their data to make effective strategies. Your primary job as a Data Analyst is to evaluate raw data and extract insights that help businesses decide what to do. Since data analysis is involved in almost every industry, it is a high demanding position with lucrative salaries. 

  • Business Consultant

Individuals and companies hire consultants for advice on a certain topic. The accounting consultant provides recommendations and evaluations, problem-solving suggestions, as well as creates strategies for organizations. Some consultants also offer services related to taxation, financial reports, or advice on accounting. As a consultant, you can either be employed by companies, agencies or even become an entrepreneur. 

  • Chief Executive Officer

An organization’s CEO typically makes key decisions for its employees and the organization as a whole. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in the industry with high growth. As a CEO, you are responsible for the growth and success of the company and manage its affairs, budget, and assets. Additionally, your duties also include directing managers in various departments and communicating with board members and shareholders.

Bottom Line

The job market for accounting majors is much broader than simply becoming an accountant. There are a variety of career options within the field. For anyone seeking a time-tested career option, earning an Accounting degree is a smart move.


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