What To Consider When Moving Your Office Location


One of the common reasons a business moves to a new office is when they are expanding and want a bigger space. It’s worth thinking about what you need to do to make it happen, as well as the logistics involved. 

Will The Office Staff Be Happy?

Consider if the move to a new office space is in the best interest of your workers. There will be hinderance or at least no difference in moving to a new office If the staff are against it. You should communicate your feelings of moving to a new office space at all times, in order to be fully transparent. Your employee’s happiness and wellbeing are always a priority

How Will You Dispose Of Trash?

Moving out of your current office space means you may be leaving behind years of memories and objects. That could potentially mean that there are lots of industrial scrap that you have leftover that cannot make the move.

Originally you may have had communication and electrical cables installed years ago to help your business with their set up. This could be due to having internet fiber cables installed, or phone lines wired all the way around their building. In some cases, it will be your responsibility to remove them.

With cable scrap, you can actually make money from disposing of it properly. There are businesses which collect scrap waste such as metal or cable that can get you a decent price, depending on the market’s current situation. The condition of the cable itself will also affect the value, where you can strip the cable down to the wire in some cases, although this could not be as cost effective.

Consider getting a quote from a leading cable scrapper that can come and collect it on your behalf, getting you paid. In Austin, Gardner Metals deal with recycling for electricians as well as other industries. Not only will they come in and work with you to collect the cable and waste, but they can also help you set up a commercial recycling program that lasts over a set period of time.

What Do You Need To Buy?

Moving into a new office space could mean moving into an empty place. Depending on the difference of size, and if you had anything of your own to bring, it could mean that you need to fully furnish the new space. What you need to buy will depend on your industry, but in most cases, you will need to purchase desks, chairs and computers.

As well as physical objects, you will also need to consider utility bills, such as internet, energy and plumbing. There may be different suppliers to consider, so you should look around to find the best deal for you. You may also need to purchase specific software tailored towards your business, such as management tools and HR applications. You will most likely be able to purchase most of these through a multi-business deal, helping to save money rather than buying individually.


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