What to do in the Philippines?


Beach holidays in the Philippines

The equatorial climate, proximity to the equator, and the longest coastline (among Asian countries) – all contribute to the active development of beach holidays in the Philippines. The local beaches are distinguished by snow-white coral sand, and the water is characterized by a turquoise color. Philippine resorts (for example, Boracay) are popular all over the world and annually attract thousands of beach lovers.

Nature and attractions of the Philippines

The territory of the Philippine Islands is abundantly covered with tropical rainforests. They occupy about half of the entire area of this country. Palm trees, banyan, bamboo, apitnog, mayapis, lauan, orchids, cinnamon, rubber-bearing, and other plants grow in the forests. Meadows and shrubs are common at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level and above. 

The wildlife in the Philippines is represented by deer, mongooses, wild boars, and other animals. Many species of birds and reptiles live here, and the local waters are distinguished by an abundance of fish and shellfish, among which there is also a pearl oyster (this type of shellfish is known for being able to form pearls). 

In the Philippine Islands, any tourist will find a tour according to their interests. There are many preserved native and colonial buildings, as well as religious and cultural monuments and objects that remind of wars, revolutionary struggle, and occupation. No less attractive to visit are the natural attractions of the Philippines – volcanoes, waterfalls, hills, tropical plants, birds, and animals.

Event tourism is also popular in the Philippines – visiting various holidays, festivals, and other events.  

The locals are loyal and friendly towards tourists. However, everyone staying in this country should observe local cultural and religious traditions. You should visit religious sites wearing modest clothes, and in public places, you should behave in such a way that you do not interfere with others – do not litter, do not speak loudly on the phone, do not chew chewing gum, etc.


If you want to learn more about the culture and entertainment of the Filipinos, you can visit the Cockfights. The local name “Sabong” – Cockfighting is a popular and profitable sport in the Philippines. In fact, it is considered a legal entertainment industry that is worth a billion dollars in a country where games are held only on weekends. Filipinos love this activity very much and many do not miss the opportunity to earn extra money.

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In addition, Talpakan.ph provides the opportunity to follow pinoy online sabong from the comfort of your home. This is an online sabong philippines broadcast where you can bet on the winner and play anywhere and anytime.


The nightlife in the popular tourist resorts of the Philippines is not inferior in its drive to neighboring countries. These are first-class restaurants with fresh seafood, nightclubs with venues along the coast, evening shopping, and casinos. The Philippines is known for its musicality, most of the singers in different Asian countries are Filipinos by nationality – they are distinguished by an amazing voice and an excellent sense of hearing. So high-quality live music is guaranteed here.

5 interesting Things to Do in the Philippines

1 Skywalk Extreme attraction. 

Tourists are offered to walk along the very edge of the roof of a 120-meter skyscraper – not for the faint of heart. Of course, only if there is a safety rope. If after that you want something “hotter”, then you should try the Edge Coaster attraction – the bravest are put in a cradle and rocked at a high altitude.

2 Sport.

 On the White Beach, they are mainly engaged in surfing, kiteboarding, and wakeboarding. Many hotels are ready to offer professional guides who will help a tourist become a real athlete.

3 Shopping

Shopping, especially in shopping malls, is a passion of many Filipinos. Giant complexes are scattered all over Manila. Although they are often very crowded and noisy, they are usually clean, safe, and air-conditioned. For guests who do not find shopping in the malls interesting, there are wonderful bookstores, shops with handmade products and needlework, antique shops, and really “individual” shops. In the latter, you can order shoes, interior items or furniture – everything will be done exactly according to your wishes.

There are also many markets in Manila, branded stores of local manufacturers, individual independent shops, and boutiques for every taste. Among the major major department stores are ” Rustans “, “Landmark”, ” Shoemart “and ” Robinsons”. Of all the stores, “Rustans” is the most expensive. Imported clothing, cosmetics, and other high-quality goods are sold here.

4 Visit the karaoke capital

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If you like karaoke, you will definitely like the Philippines. In 1975, Roberto del Rosario patented a karaoke singing system. Since then, the Philippines has become the capital of karaoke-it is so popular there that supermarkets even promote their products through karaoke!

5 Snorkeling in the Philippines

Fans of snorkeling and scuba diving love the Philippines very much for the incredible variety of underwater life. Previously, Fili was often compared with the Maldives by this indicator, but in 2008, the Maldives was covered by a tsunami, in which the water temperature rose to 38 degrees, and this is too high a temperature for corals, which die at +30. And along with the corals, all the underwater exotics die. Therefore, many lovers of underwater beauty “moved” to the Philippines.

The main type of water transport is a bangka boat with sweeping wings for better stability on the surface. All activities are carried out on such boats: from diving and snorkeling to swimming with whale sharks!

What You Need to Know about Visiting the Philippines

The desire to go to the Philippines arises mainly due to the fact that the country is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich underwater world. How much do people know about the Philippines on average? For sure, the capital of this Asian state is Manila, and the territory of the whole country consists of a large number of islands.

While preparing for the trip, tourists should learn more about the Philippines:

  • The main languages are English and Tagalog (Filipino)
  • The currency is the Philippine peso
  • 83% of the country’s population are Catholics, 5% are Muslims, 5.4% are Protestants

And what you should worry about before the trip

  • Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis
  • Apply for a visa to the Philippines.


Life is more fun in the Philippines! This is a wonderful place consisting of 7 107 beautiful exotic islands. Hundreds of adventures are waiting for you. Filipinos are such warm-hearted and hospitable people. You will definitely want to stay in the Philippines forever! There are a lot of ways to have fun in the Philippines, so first of all determine for yourself what you want and prepare properly for the trip. And then your trip will be successful. Good luck.


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