What to wear when in Australia: 7 Summer wear Tips

Summer wear Tips

Australia encompasses multiple climatic zones that have varying weather conditions and temperature ranges. While traveling in Australia, you are expected to come across the domestic areas with dry and hot climates to the mild Mediterranean climate of southwestern areas of Australia and again to extremely hot and humid weather conditions of the tropical north. 

If you are intending to travel to Australia, during the summers, you must carry typical summer clothes to stay comfortable. Summers begin in Australia around mid-December and continue till the end of February. However, the hot climate still continues in March as well. If you are wondering what to wear in Australia during the summers, worry no more. We have brought to you some useful tips that you must go through. Let’s go through the summer dressing tips one by one: 

  • Wear light-colored clothing

Always prefer to wear light-shaded clothes, preferably button-down shirts. Light clothes reflect rather than absorb the sun’s rays. 

  • Either wear sleeveless or loose sleeves

When it comes to clothing in summer, you must facilitate maximum airflow. If you are not comfortable with strapless clothes, you can wear sleeveless, loose-fitting clothes as well. Off-shoulder dresses are also preferable. 

  • Avoid tight clothes 

For tourists, loose-fitted clothing is the best. Not only does it make them feel light, but it also allows air to pass through. Also, loose-fitted clothes facilitate fast body movements. You can wear oversized blouses, wide-legged pants, short dresses, loose shirts, etc. If you are interested in buying top-notch loose-fitted clothes, there is no better place other than Melbourne Central shopping center. 

  • Upgrade your athleisure
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Technical fabrics aren’t a great option for summer because they are usually tight. Avoid wearing anything tight in the summers. If you are a fan of athleisure, replace your usual sweatshirt and black leggings with a light crop top and shorts. 

  • Choose breathable fabrics

The fabric type may not matter for any other time of year in Australia, but you must definitely wear breathable fabrics that trap moisture in summers. You must know that synthetic materials aren’t breathable. So check the quality of the cloth before buying. Make sure it’s made up of 100% cotton, pure linen, or silk. 

  • Ditch jeans

Jeans or denim is one of the heaviest fabrics. They are certainly not for summers. Though they are stretchable, they sit tightly on your legs, making anyone feel uncomfortable. Instead of jeans, try wearing linen pants or cotton pants. However, if you are interested in wearing denim, buy the wide-legged ones. 

  • Rely on dresses

Dresses are not only appropriate for occasions but also a great option to consider in summers. A comfortable, loosely fitted dress is your go-to option in case you can’t figure out what to wear in Australia. If you have midis, minis, rompers, and any other type of short dress, the best time to wear them is during summers in Australia

Shoes to pack for Australia

  • Only carrying the right clothing wouldn’t do any good. You have to carry a pair of comfortable shoes. Make sure it’s comfy but stylish as well. 
  • Wear leather sandals. While considering footwear for the beach in Australia, flip flops are a great option. If it doesn’t go with your look, try wearing a pair of strappy sandals. Leather sandals are usually preferred for their top quality and longevity. 
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Summer Clothing tips for women 

  • Add a few pieces of jewelry to enhance your look. While visiting the beaches in Australia, avoid wearing any such accessories. 
  • You can carry a pashmina or sarong with you. It’s a versatile piece that can be used both as a beach towel and as a shrug to protect you from the sun. 

Summer Clothing tips for men

  • Men must wear casual, half-length shorts while going to the beach. Make sure to wear casual shoes. 
  • You can go through the Madda Fella range of shorts, and swimwear, if you are looking for some trending beach clothes in Australia. 

Thus you have understood what to wear when in Australia during the summer months. However, in summers alone, there are indeed different weather conditions in different places of Australia. Therefore, wearing the right clothing is essential.


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