Whatsapp new beta brings new version of activating dark mode.

Whatsapp new beta brings new version of activating dark mode.
Whatsapp new beta brings new version of activating dark mode.

Whatsapp dark mode now can enable automatically. Previously it was reported many complaints against Power drain. Many user complaints that WhatsApp drains the power very soon. It’s been whistling from some time the features and details. But most importantly is to noticed yet how it functions.

WABETAINFO has taken the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android. And has innovated to bring something exciting for the user. It is not so far to work in dark mode. Dark mode saves your smartphone power. However, the function of Android 9 and Android 10 is quite different. Android users have an advantage over Android 9 Users. 

In Android 9 user has to enable the dark mode through setting. Or it will work on dark mode if the phone is set at battery saver mode. Although Android 10 user does not need to put extra effort. It will automatically sense and the dark mode will enable at own.

In 2.19.353 version of the app, there is no connection between dark mode and battery saver mode of WhatsApp. The dark mode has nothing to do with enable or disable of power saver mode. Whether the power saver mode is to enable or disable the WhatsApp will work on dark mode only. This will stop the draining of power. Power saver mode enabling saves to drain from all the apps but dark mode exclusively works for WhatsApp.

Whatsapp new beta brings new version of activating dark mode.

However, you will get to prefer the option of whether to use in dark mode or light mode. Manually you can handle the settings. But Android 9 users will get an extra option ” set power saver mode.”  Enabling this only they would be able to automatically work on dark mode in WhatsApp.This might not be less than good news for those who found Whatsapp yo be a power sucker.

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According to a survey report, it was found that many users complaining WhatsApp for getting their phone discharged suddenly. According to them it sucks power like blood and kills the phone to die

If WABETAINFO finds Whatsapp to the reason behind the power drain then the problem is expected to resolve. And hopefully, it will come under function very soon. The connection of dark mode and battery saver will only be found in Android 9 and older. For those using Android 10, it can be system default with light force.

Moreover, it has not been clear yet, when the beta about to bring the dark mode version. But based on recent revelation it is hopefully expected to come officially.


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