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American Horror Story season 10 coming soon in 2021
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American Horror Story is one of the widely running anthropological television series in the history of America. Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, they have gained billions of audiences for AHS at the international level. Recently released in 2019, AHS season 9 titled “1984” followed the story of Brooke Thompson’s encounter with Richard Ramirez, a serial killer, on a summer camp. To begin with, after the success of season 9, set in 1984’s real story, American Horror Story Season 10 is on the line for release, however delayed.

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Before the release of AHS season 8, the show was further renewed for the next three seasons. Therefore, American Horror Story season 10 is coming out, soon after, season 11 will be in the production. 

Let’s review some high-end details about American Horror Story season 10.

What is the American Horror Story season 10 release date?

Earlier 9 January 2020, American Horror Story Season 10 was scheduled to come out in the fall of 2020, any month soon. However, amid the CoronaVirus pandemic, the release of AHS season 10 has been delayed as the production seems stalled. But, before the delay confirmation, Murphy revealed several facts about the forthcoming American Horror Story season that pictures its cast for the viewers. 

Who are all in the cast of American Horror Story season 10?

American Horror Story 1984
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In November of 2019, Murphy announced that some prominent cast members from earlier seasons of American Horror Story would make a comeback. The production calls it “reuniting fan-favorite actors in the AHS 10.” Check out the following cast members that will make a comeback in season 10:

  • Kathleen Doyle Bates
  • Leslie Erin Grossman
  • Billie Catherine Lourd
  • Evan Peters
  • Adina Elizabeth Porter
  • Lily Rabe
  • Angelica Ross
  • Peter “Finn” Wittrock, Jr.
  • Macaulay Carson Culkin

How many seasons of American Horror Story are there?

For now, American Horror Story’s 9 seasons are released. Apart from this, the series in 2020 renewed for the next three seasons, aka, season 10, 11, and 12. Furthermore, Murphy and Falchuk are also working on the brand-new anthropological show “American Horror Stories.” 

To begin with, American Horror Story and American Horror Stories will be different in a single context. On one hand, American Horror Story consists of seasons among which a single season follows a single story. As per the announcement in May 2020, American Horror Stories will contain 10 episodes each telling a different American story. 

Moreover, an American Horror Story’s spin-off called American Crime Story is on the line to release in September 2020 on FX Network. As the title suggests, American Crime Story will follow the storyline of true crimes that happened in America.

American Horror Story List of seasons:

Murder House

This season follows the story of Harmons, the family of four moved from Boston to Los Angles. As their secrets come to light, their relationships take a swift and sour turn.


 Released in 2012, Asylum is based on a true story from 1964 when criminally insane were treated using exorcism in churches. 

American Horror Story season 10 cast members
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Coven follows the legend of Salem Witch Trials and the survivors who suffered to hold their identity hidden in the modern world. It also shows the real-life story of Delphine LaLaurie starring Kathleen Doyle Bates who tortured and killed her slaves one-by-one. 


 Freakshow is one of the most prominent seasons of American Horror Story. It follows the true story of freaks from 1952. Indeed, according to history, Elsa Mars used to run a freak show in a circus in Jupiter, Florida. They were to acknowledge as freaks as they were born with very rare medical conditions that had a greater impact on their appearances. 

the freak show
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Moreover, the season Hotel follows the story of Retro Hotel Cortez in LA, California where a secret chamber exists to torture people who come to the hotel. 


 Roanoke Colony in 2015 once again became prominent after the suspicious occurring in the 1500s. 


This season follows the real-time division of society into two. Aka, those who support Donald Trump and those who don’t after he becomes America’s president in 2017. It specifically shows the story of Ally Mayfair-Richards who had several doubts about Trump’s presidency and she was hallucinating that everyone is out to get her. 

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This AHS season 8 follows a high-end instigation of nuclear warfare by Michael Langdon.


To begin with, this latest season of AHS follows the criminal encounter of Brooke Thompson and a serial killer Richard at Camp Redwood. 


So, after a successful nine seasons, get ready for another world-class true story from American History. For more information, connect with us online.


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