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In the 1990s, comic books had given us the power to boost our imagination. However, the 2000s have come as a new era with Marvel and DC movies. That’s right! No more need to become a comic-worm to read the story of your favorite American superhero: The Aquaman. Now, Aquaman 2 is ready for a world-class appearance at the Box office.

To begin with, Aquaman 1 released in 2018 hit the box office like never before. With a record of box office earning of 1.148 Billion USD and counting, it has become one of the most prominent DC Films. Well! The good news is Aquaman 2 is coming soon. When? That’s a question for later. However, it has not been confirmed that Amber Heard is not playing the role of Mera, the princess of Xebel in the movie. Why? Let’s see!

Why did DC Films remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2?

Aquaman 1 definitely brought some countable fame for Amber Heard. But now, it does not seem like Warner Bros and DC Extended Universe are ready to give another chance to Amber after her removal from the L’Oreal Paris’s Spokesperson designation. Of course, readers must be wondering why! Well! To begin with, it has been a countable number of months as Amber Heard legally filed a case against Johnny Deep for sexual violence as a part of #The MeToo Movement started on Twitter. For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with raising voice for wrong. However, recently in court, the actress has found to be guilty of false charges. 

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Consequently, Amber lost her respect in the industry. The famous limited corporations in the Hollywood Industry in professional relationships with Amber have decided to remove her. Now, there are rumors that DC Films are also discussing removing Amber leaving her career in Hollywood at the edge. 

Who is replacing Amber as Mera in Aquaman sequel?

There is no way to find out whether or not the rumors are true. However, the fact that Emily Clarke (the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones web series) is replacing Amber Heard for Aquaman sequel. Without a doubt, Emily must have made the biggest impression on Warner Bros as her role as the queen: Fierce and Fiesty. 

Above all, Emily Clarke seems a perfect choice as Jason Momoa played the role of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones as the husband of Emily, the Mad King’s daughter. Thus, attracting the fan-following of GOT for celebrating this couple in the Aquaman sequel. 

To be honest, Game of Thrones has brought many considerations in the context of actresses including Sophie Turner and Lena Headey. Although, the final decision remains on the DC Films team. Maybe, there is a possibility of Amber appearing in Aquaman 2 as Mera, however, for the shortest period. 

When is Aquaman 2 coming out?

Aquaman 2 in direction by James Wan is coming out on 16 December 2022. For the most part, it is a very long time. Till then, check out and watch Marvel Movies in Order from the start. To begin with, in an interview in 2019, Jason Momoa who played the role of Aquaman confirmed that the sequel of Aquaman will come out in 2020. 

But, it seems like due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the project has been postponed for its release. No worries! We have much upcoming science fiction to pass time and generate diverse interest in entertainment. Check out the list of best 2019 web series:

Who is the Queen of Atlantis in Aquaman 2?

Here’s good news for the viewers of Batman Forever released in 1995. Nicole Kidman is starring as The Queen of Atlantis in the upcoming Aquaman sequel on 16 December 2022. 

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Is Aquaman 2 trailer out?

No! Up until now, DC films have not released any trailer for Aquaman 2. However, there are many Aquaman 2 teaser videos on Youtube made by fans. In conclusion, none of them depict the level of the original official Aquaman sequel trailer. Thus, stay tuned on our reading platform to know more!


Hence, today we have got this bad news that Amber Heard may not appear in the next film. But, somehow it is good news as fans can relive their moments of liking the Mad King’s daughter from GOT. For more info, come back to this article. 



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