Gotham Season 5 coming soon: Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and Spoilers!

Gotham season 5
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From September 2014, successfully running Gotham: the high-end action and crime drama has reached its season 5th January 2019. First-aired on Fox Network, Gotham is now available to stream on Netflix for its worldwide fans. Up until now, Gotham’s four seasons have been released on Netflix. There are reports that Gotham season 5 is coming soon to stream on Netflix. Is that true? Let’s find out:

What is the Gotham season 5 release date?

Gotham season 5 had first aired on Fox in January 2019. And the last episode climaxed in April 2019, leaving the 5th installment of the show at 125th ranking overall. Over 5.5 million Americans watched Gotham season 5 on Fox. Now, it is time to reach out to the international audience of the show via Netflix. 

Do you know? Overall viewership of Gotham TV series per season is over 7 million audiences. Thus, we can say that over 2 million fans are still waiting for the first look at Gotham season 5.

Well! Congratulations! Gotham season 5 release date for Netflix is finally out. The show is coming on 1st July 2020. So, stay tuned with us for some chilling spoilers!

Without any further ado, let’s check out Gotham season 5 official trailer launched by IGN:


What is the Gotham plot summary?

Gotham TV series has created by Bruno Heller. In actuality, Gotham’s characters come from DC Comics. Furthermore, previously launched in the Batman franchise, now in modification by Warner Bros. Television. 

Gotham focuses on the storyline of James Gordan, who is a well-known police executive at Gotham City Police Department. He pairs with detective Harvey Bullock to solve crimes in a commitment by the upscaling underworld of Gotham City. The several seasons of Gotham bring out the storyline of the murder of billionaires and the involvement of several criminals. 

The series received much appreciation for Cameron Monaghan’s performance as Joker or Jerome in Gotham season 5. 

Gotham season 5 spoilers:

  1. Gotham season 5 is the finale of the tv series. There will be no season 6 of Gotham. It is a perfect ending to the show with the perfect villain. 
  2. Gordon decides to retire in season 5, yet, there’s one last battle left to fight.
  3. Burce at the end of the series finally gets to become the dark knight. 
  4. Oswald Cobblepot or the Penguin comeback. 

How many episodes are in Gotham season 5?

Gotham season 5 is the finale season of the show. it consists of 12 brilliantly directed episodes with action, drama, emotions, and your favorite Joker character from the DC Comics.

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Gotham season 5 list of episodes:

  • Year Zero
  • Tresspasser
  • Penguin, Our Hero
  • Ruin
  • Pena Dura
  • Stitches
  • Ace Chemicals
  • Nothing’s Shocking
  • The Trial of Jim Gordon
  • I am Bane
  • They Did What?
  • The Beginning

Who are all in the cast of Gotham?

CastCharacter Name


Ben McKenzieJames Gordon 
Donal LogueHarvey Bullock
David AlbertBruce Wayne
Zabryna GuevaraSarah Essen
Sean CarlAlfred Pennyworth
Robin Lord TaylorThe Penguin
Erin RichardBarbara Kean
Camren Renee BicondovaCat, kyle
Cory SmithThe Riddler
Cameron MonaghanJoker/ Jerome
Victoria Luz CartagenaRenee Maria Montoya
Drew Powell Cyrus Gold 
Nicholas D’AgostoHarvey Dent, Two Face
Crystal ReedSofia Falcone
Chris ChalkLucius Fox
Jessica LucasTabitha or Tigress
James FrainTheon Galavan
Morena BaccarinLee
Jada Koren Pinkett SmithMooney
Benedict SamuelMad Hatter


Gotham season 5’s popularity in the Entertainment Industry

Up until now, DC comics’ movies based classic superheroes were prominent. But in the modern century, Gotham brings out the love of the audience for the dark side of the underworld and crime. Villains such as Ra’s al Ghul, Jervis Tetch, Hugo Strange, and Jerome Valeska are loved endlessly. From their excellent performance to their contribution to the series as DC’s characters, the earlier faces of the characters in several movies seems forgotten. 

This has led Gotham to become the award-winning action crime tv series by achieving teen choice award 2019 for Choice TV Villain. That’s right! The winner is Cameron Monaghan for his performance in Gotham season 5. 


In conclusion, yet another gem of television Entertainment, Gotham tv-series is at its end. Gotham finale season is coming out on Netflix on 1st July 2020. Do not miss it! It is the most exciting and epic villain-loved American DC comics complemented web series ever, thanks to the Fox network. 

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