Lucifer Season 5: check date of release, upcoming twist and turns!


Lucifer is one of the high-end TV series on Netflix. It falls under the category of Netflix Originals. It released its first season in 2015. In 2016, Fox, the online premium entertainment platform also aired Lucifer. However, it had canceled the airing for Lucifer’s fourth season in 2018. Yet, the show has reached millions of viewers on Netflix who are now eagerly waiting for the launch of Lucifer Season 5

Buckle Up! Because we have brought our readers the good news of 2020. Yes! This year, the adventure, devil’s drama, and action are back as the production house of Lucifer has finally announced the releasing date of Lucifer season 5

Lucifer 5

What is the Lucifer season 5 release date?

Lucifer season 5 release date is 16 June 2020. Yet, the date is not officially announced. The reason being, the production is expecting a delay because of the COVID-19 Epidemic. However, the entertainment factor in the lives of fan-following is highly considered. Thus, in the upcoming Spring season, Lucifer season 5 with all the dramatic and devilish episodes will be within your reach

What is the story of “Lucifer,” Netflix’s original TV series?

From the prominent “The Big Bang Theory” this 1990s show arose millions of fans of the comic character: Lucifer. To begin with, Lucifer is a character created by DC Marvel Comics. To summarize, it is the creativity of Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg, and Sam Keith. 

Lucifer Morningstar refers to in terms of the name of a fallen angel from Hell. He was working as the lord of hell, however, because of being unhappy for the longest time. Lucifer abandons his throne in Hell for living a luxurious lifestyle as the owner of Lux. In the series, Lux is a high-end nightclub. In the first episode of the Lucifer TV series, someone murders a pop-star outside Lux. thereafter, the journey of adventure, thrill, and mystery starts in the show.

Lucifer 5

The earlier season shows “Lucifer realizes that all his work has not come to a good conclusion and the earth is still in danger because of the new hell coming to earth.” In the end, Lucifer questions himself at the end “whether or not he should stay.” The ending chapter was titled “Who’s da New King of Hell?” where Lucifer has also come across his first love. Of course, a little bit of romance will bring a lot of entertaining content in the series’ upcoming season.

Such a level of suspense at the end stunned the viewers to wait for season 5. Are you ready for it? If not, join Netflix and review Lucifer to catch up on the story from where you left. 

Who are all in the cast of Lucifer season 5?

Tom Ellis is playing the protagonist of the story, a.k.a Lucifer. Additional cast includes Rachel Harris, DB Woodside, Lauren German, Lesley Ann Brandt, Aimee Gracia, and Kelvin Alejandro

What is the plot of Lucifer season 5?

Following the storyline of Lucifer season 4, the last episode; the series has left the viewers with suspense. For instance, whether or not Eve will appear in the next season. Alongside this, who is the new lord of hell? It is the main question. Furthermore, whether or not Lucifer will return to Earth based on a contractual agreement? Once again, hell’s drama will bring devil to the grounds.


Thus, concerning the plot of Lucifer season 5, promises one thing– A lot of thrillers! 

Will there be Lucifer season 6?

To begin with, none of the fans would be happy to see this amazing TV series Netflix original come to an end. Hence, viewers seem excited for season five. However, they are much more concerned if this will be the last season of Lucifer. 

For the most part, it has come to the attention of the media that Lucifer’s production house is facing the termination of its contract with Netflix in the upcoming year. Thus, the possibility of Lucifer season 6 renewation is 50-50. However, this question is answerable only after the release of Lucifer season 5. Hence, all you need is to wait before making up your mind with the end of Lucifer. 


Are you ready to binge Lucifer season 5? Well! Get ready for the spring season because “Hell is open now,” so is the Netflix. Hold your horse, the entertainment is coming soon to your screens!



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