One Punch Man Season 2 success, season 3 Release date and trailer out now!

One Punch Man season 2

Are you thrilled to get some spoiler alerts for One punch man season 3? Well. We are presenting our readers with some amazing news today. After the success of One Punch Man Season 2 directed by Shingo Natsume; season 3 of One Punch Man Manga is on its way. 

One Punch Man Production Team Commits…

To begin with, one punch man season 2 had not made the biggest entry of all time as expected by the fans and millions of viewers on Netflix. However, according to some viewers, One punch man season 2 was a disappointment because it was launched without any swift promotions and trailer. Thus, the 2nd season came out as a surprise. Apart from this, it is a notable fact that the respective series’ season one had aired in the end month of 2015. But, the same series’ season two came out in July 2019. This almost 4-year gap caused the viewers to lose interest in the series and move on!

One Punch Man season 1

One Punch Man Season 1 Vs. Season 2

For the most part, after being at the default of the time span between season 1 and 2 of one punch man; the producers consequently become highly committed to the show now. How? Well! After the successful airing of One Punch Man Season 2 in 2019, they successfully overcame the loss of interest barrier among the viewers. In 2020, one punch Man season 3 is finally coming out. Furthermore, recently on 15 April 2020; its trailer has aired on YouTube as well as Netflix with the caption “Coming soon!”

Where can you watch One Punch Man all seasons online?

Check out the following premier platforms to stream all episodes of One Punch Man online:

  • Netflix
  • HuLu
  • VIZ
  • FMovies
  • GoMovies
  • 123movies

One Punch man season 3

List of One Punch Man Season 1 Episode

Following is the list of part 1 episodes:

  1. The Strongest Man
  2. The Lone Cyborg
  3. The Obsessive Scientist
  4. The Modern Ninja
  5. The Ultimate Master
  6. The Terrifying City
  7. The ultimate disciple
  8. The Deep Sea King
  9. Unyielding Justice
  10. Unparalleled Peril
  11. The Dominator of the Universe

List of One Punch Man Season 2 Episodes

Do you feel like losing on to the plot of OPM 2? Well! Let’s catch up via going through the list of One Punch Man Season 2 Episodes:

  1. Return of the Hero
  2. The Human monster
  3. The Hunt Begins
  4. The Metal Bat
  5. The Material Arts Tournament
  6. The Monster Uprising
  7. The Class S Heroes
  8. The Resistance of the Strong
  9. The Troubles of the Strongest
  10. Justice Under Siege
  11. The Varieties of Pride
  12. The Wiping of the Discipline’s Butt

What is One Punch Man Season 3 releasing?

As per the potential hints from the production’s end, One Punch Man Season 3 releasing date will be in the 2021 Fall season. Hence, it means that the 3rd season may come out between 2021 September and December. Officially, neither the production team and nor Netflix has decided or declared a releasing date in particular for season 3. 


What is the plot of One Punch Man TV series?

One-Punch Man TV series revolves around the story of a superhero named Saitama. He has the strongest fist in the world. Thus, he holds the power to defeat his nemesis in a single punch. However, after realizing his power, he got bored because there was nobody in the world who could challenge him. 

Since, Later in the series, an antagonist appears. He is referred to as Genos. However, this character, I .e.Genos is paraded as strong as Saitama. Thus, giving the superhero another chance to seek challenges. 

In the last episode of One Punch Man Season 2, Genos seeks to grasp the attention of Saitama. On the other hand, Gorou and the monster association seek a way to generate a friendly behavior or alliance for each other. Thus, in the upcoming season of One Punch Man, Genos will fight against Monster Association and Genos together. In addition to this, the viewers will finally see whether or not One Punch Man or Saitama has the power to stop the apocalypse in a single punch.

one punch man season 4


One Punch Man is an action-categorized TV series directed by Shingo Natsume and produced by Chinatsu Matsui Nobuyuki Hosoya Keita Kodama Ayuri Taguchi in the name of Madhouse productions. Hence, you can only imagine what all deadly consequences come with the upcoming season of One Punch Man. Therefore, Drop all the errands for the 2021 fall season and get ready for back-to-back action and drama.

One Punch Man Season 3 latest Update: For now, we are assuming that due to COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, the release of One Punch Man Season 3 is nowhere soon. But, we recommend you to keep your excitement up for the show as it is bringing brand new characters of Heroes and Monsters Association in the show. There are possibilities that Goriu and Child Emperor will appear in the next season. So, it is worthwhile waiting. 

Last updated: 24th July 2020



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