Seven Deadly Sins season 4 coming soon | Netflix release date, Episodes, and Storyline

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“Seven Deadly Sins” is one of the most famous fantasy-based Japanese Manga anime series. It first appeared on the big screen on 5th October 2014. Since then, this is broadcasting online and has grasped the interest of billions. To begin with, this anime broadcast was appearing in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2012 where its readers became highly interested in what happens next!!! This interest is still running as the international viewers of Seven Deadly sins online anime series are waiting for Seven Deadly Sins season 4. But, when will it come out? Let’s find out:

What is Seven Deadly Sins season 4 New Release Date?

For the most part, Seven Deadly Sins is available in many forms such as seven deadly sins premiere movies, feature films, video games, manga light novels, and anime series. In 2015, seven deadly sins season 2 was released first-time for online broadcasting on Netflix. Since then, seven deadly sins season 3 has also aired on Netflix. Now, the NetFlix users are waiting for the 4th season. 

SEASON 4 for seven deadly sins

To begin with, after seven deadly sins season 3, it has been 2-3 years. Finally, in March 2020, the production house announced the “coming soon” status of this series. However, due to coronavirus pandemic all over the world, many Netflix broadcasts have declared a positive delay. In conclusion, this list includes:

Well! The news is very unfortunate. But, the fortunate part is Seven Deadly sins season 4 is not so far from airing in 2020. It has confirmed that on 15th October 2020, Seven Deadly sins season 4 will come out. So, fans get ready to live in the fantasy world while binge-watching the next season of seven deadly sins manga anime series. 

What are all the Episodes of Seven Deadly Sins?

Below is the list of Seven Deadly Sins season 1:

  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • The Sword of the Holy Knights
  • The Sins in the Sleeping Forest
  • A Little Girl’s Dream
  • Even If You Should Die
  • The Poem of the Beginnings
  • A Touching Reunion
  • The Fearsome pursuer
  • Dark Pulse
  • The Vaizel Fighting Festival
  • Pant-Up Feelings
  • Bloodcurdling Cannon
  • The Angel of Destruction
  • A Reader of Book
  • Unholy Knight
  • The Legends, Provoked!
  • The First Sacrifice
  • Even If It Costs Me My Life
  • The Fairy King Waits in Vain
  • The Courage Charm
  • The looming threat
  • What I Can Do For You
  • Despair Descends
  • The Heroes

SDS season4

Below is the list of seven deadly sins season 2: Signs of Holy War

  • The Dark Dream Begins
  • Our Fighting Festival
  • In Pursuit of First Love
  • The Shape of Love

Below is the list of seven deadly sins season 3: Revival of Commandments

  • The revival of the Demon Clan
  • Existence and Proof
  • Sacred Treasure Lostvayne
  • The Ten Commandments on the Move
  • Overwhelming Violence
  • The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins
  • Where Memories Lead
  • The Druids’ Holy Land
  • A Promise to A Loved One
  • What We Lacked
  • Father and Son
  • Where Love is Found
  • Farewell, Beloved Thief
  • Master of the Sun
  • A Bloodcurdling Confession
  • Death-Trap Maze
  • Legendary Figures
  • For Whom Does That Light Shine?
  • Meliodas vs The Ten Commandments
  • Pursuit of Hope
  • Certain Warmth
  • Return of the Sins
  • The Hero Rises!
  • As Long As You Are Here

deadly sins s4

What is the Seven Deadly Sins season 4 plot?

To begin with, The seven deadly sins anime series revolves around the accomplishment of the Kingdom of Liones whose 3rd princess named Elizabeth is searching for Holy Knights who disperse after the last downfall of the Kingdom. To summarise, the group of Holy Knight is known as the Seven Deadly sins who are also the attacker of the Kingdom. However, since the group has disbanded but their leader is still in the Kingdom. Thus, he is asked to help to find the group. In conclusion, the main motive of Elizabeth is to find the Holy Knights and winning her kingdom back. 

Seven Deadly Sins last episode, explained!

sins seven deadly Netflix

The last episode of Seven Deadly Sins’s season 3 aired on 30 June 2018 with the title “As Long As You Are Here.” In this episode, Fraudin seems determined to fulfill her vengeance against his ex-mentor and leader by killing him. The reason being he has betrayed his clan 3000 years ago. Hence, Fraudin plans to kill him. However, with the enhanced power of Fraudin, furthermore, the viewers will witness a lot of live-action and suspicion during the end journey of Fraudin in the last episode. 

“Stay tuned for the upcoming season. A lot of action awaits!!!”


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