The Politician Season 2 Trailer is here: Release Date, coming this Friday on Netflix

the Politician season 1 available to watch on Netflix
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The Politician season 2: Season 1 of The Politician first premiered in September 2019 on Netflix in Ultra HD has renewed the face of American Comedy plus teenage high-school drama with its intense storyline and political interest arising in the characters. Before “The politician,” America has had innumerous teenage series based on non-academic students with talents. However, “the politician” proves that viewing a politically correct life of competitive students and their struggle funnily is fun.

the politician season 2
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After the successful release of this TV series’ season 1, now “the Politician season 2” is on the line. Up until now, Netflix has managed to conceal the first look of season 2. But now that the series is on the verge of release, it’s the trailer that has finally launched. Are you thrilled to look at Payton Hobart in a brand-new academic place yet with boosted competitive nature and simultaneous nemesis? Let’s take a glimpse:

What is “The Politician season 2” release date?

Netflix has announced the Politician season 2 due for its release this Friday. That’s right! The Politician Season 2 release date is set to be 19 June 2020. Earlier, the series was seeking a delay because of COVID-19, but, well! Everything has worked out well for our audience.

Who are all in the cast of “The Politician?”

  • Ben Platt appears as Payton Hobart
  • Zoey Deutch also appears as Infinity Jackson
  • Lucy Boynton appears as Astrid Sloan
  • Furthermore, Bob Balaban appears as Keaton Hobart
  • David Corenswet appears as River Barkley
  • Julia Schlaepfer appears as Alice Charles
  • Moreover, Laura Dreyfuss appears as McAfee Westbrook
  • Theo Germaine appears as James Sullivan
  • Rahne Jones appears as Skye Leighton
  • Benjamin Barrett also appears as Ricardo
  • Jessica Lange appears as Dusty Jackson
  • Gwyneth Paltrow appears as Georgina Hobart
  • Judith Light appears as Dede Standish
  • Above all, Bette Midler appears as Hadassah Gold


What is The Politician TV series plot?

The Politician series revolves around the storyline of Payton Hobart who desires to become the President of the United States for as long as he can remember. Currently, Payton is a student at Saint Sebastian High School of Santa Barbara in California. 

To build a high-end future as the president’s body of the nation, Payton is working hard. In Saint Sebastian High School, he is running for student body president, however, for him, the biggest barrier is River Barkley. River Barkley is athletic and quite popular. Thus, Payton is equally insecure. 

The politician season 2 coming soon this Friday
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To give their presidential ship at student level a democratic face, Payton Hobart announced Infinity Jackson as the vice president in order to receive empathy from the voters as Jackson is a patient of cancer. River on the other hand played his cards well by choosing Skye Leighton to be his vice president, who is a gender-variant black classmate. 

Although the storyline of the Politician is quite simple and its direction delivers unlimited laughable moments, it only received 57% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The Politician season 1 list of Episodes:

  1. Pilot
  2. The Harrington Commode
  3. October Surprise
  4. Gone Girl
  5. The Voter
  6. The Assassination of Payton Hobart
  7. The Assassination of Payton Hobart: Part 2
  8. Vienna

 What is The Politician season 2 expected plot?

The Politician season 2 is set in New York where Payton Hobart is now a student at New York University. He is running for New York State Senate. This time his opposition is Majority Leader Dede Standish who is quite competitive. 

The Politician season 1 Ending Explained!

At the end of The Politician season 1, Payton Hobart recognizes his time at New York University where he competes with James. Infinity and Skye investigate scandals that lead to their advantage during the New York State Senate election. They find out about Standish and his three-way marital life. 

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At the finale scene, Payton announces his interest in running for New York State Senate, however, how will he cope with Standish who is playing to run for Vice President of the United States. 


In conclusion, The Politician season 2 will bring a lot of drama on Netflix’s screen this time. Now, enjoy binge-watching the upcoming mind-blowing episodes of The Politician’s second installment this Friday. Leave your reviews for the series in the comment section.


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