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“This is Us” has been one of the most emotional TV series in the past few years. To begin with, the online world of entertainment broadcasting was highly focused on producing science fiction and dystopian series, that it caused the world to forget romance, emotional connection, and of course, the need to cry sometimes. However, This is Us season 1 family drama with tragedy factor mixed like water and salt has brought its fan-following to tears. Now, these million fans are waiting for This is Us season 5. For the most part, this next season on Amazon Prime and will bring us many ups and downs of daily life and emotional tragedies.

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Are you also waiting for the next season? Well! Let’s see what do we have for you today:

When is “This Is Us season 5” coming out?

To begin with, “This Is Us” season 4 has dropped in 2019 and over 13 million viewers binged the show immediately. Well! That’s a little Box Office. However, it is 2020 already and has not dropped any hints for the upcoming season except renewing its contract with the production of This is Us for 4-6 courses of action in the upcoming months. Thus, it is time to buckle up! The reason being, it seems like a hint to us. 

As per the current status of “This Is Us” with, fans can 100% expect the next season of this is us to come soon on However, since This is Us season 4 has still not updated on Amazon Prime. There is a lesser chance that This is Us season 5 will be available on Amazon Prime to watch.

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Above all, This is Us season 4 last episode titled “Strangers: Part Two” aired on 24 March 2020. Hence, readers can expect the new season to come out around September 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a possibility that This Is Us season 5 will be delayed likewise Lucifer season 5, Alita: Battle Angel 2, Disney’s Mulan, Handmaid’s Tale season 4, and other prominent web series. 

What is the “This Is Us season 5″ plot?

“This is Us” is a comedy-drama with a high-end hint of tragedy in the lives of three siblings among which one is adopted and the rest two are twins. In the series, the parents of the siblings’ struggles to darling all their children equally. The first scene of “This Is Us” shows the young lifestyle of Kevin’s, Kate’s, and Randall’s parents. However, after a few minutes, Kevin and Randall’s childhood is shown. As they both seem upset because, in school, Kevin gets bullied because Randall (his brother) is black. Whereas, Kate and Kevin (the twins) are white. With time and episodes, the story gets better. Thus, stay tuned for This is Us season 5.

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What are all the episodes of “This Is Us” latest season?

In September 2019, “This is Us season 4” aired. Check out the list of episodes for this season:

  • Strangers
  • The Pool: Part 2
  • Unhinged
  • Flip a Coin
  • Storybook Love
  • The Club
  • The Dinner and the Date
  • Sorry
  • So Long, Marianne
  • Light and Shadows
  • A Hell of a Week: Part 1
  • A Hell of a week: Part 2
  • A Hell of a Week: Part 3
  • The Cabin
  • Clouds
  • New York, New York, New York
  • After the Fire
  • Strangers: Part 2

“This is Us” last episode Recap!!!

In the last episode of This is Us season 4, viewers witness Pearsons’ entire family celebrating Jack’s 37th birthday. Apart from this, it is also “The Big Three, a.k.Kevin, Kate, and Randall’s” first birthday as well. To the reader’s surprise, in this episode, there are entries of two new guests on the show. Above all, this episode takes you back and forth to the future and then, to the presence. This major suspense rests in the act of connecting the dots at the end of the episode. At last, we are yet to see what is going to happen next. 

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Till then, if you don’t know the cast of “This Is Us.” It is time to credit the celebrities who are doing such an amazing job.

  • Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson
  • Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson
  • Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson
  • Chrissy Metz as Kate Pearson
  • Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson
  • Susan Kelichi Watson as Beth Pearson
  • Chris Sullivan as Toby Damon

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