Top Boy season 4 | Coming soon on Netflix, Checkout Top Boy season 3 Recap!

top boy season 4
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Top Boy season 1, this British Drama based on crimes has run successfully since 2011 on Channel 4. But, now, Netflix is hosting Top Boy season 2 as well as 3 since 2019. It is without a doubt a fact that Netflix has caused the show to attain uncountable fame and millions of viewers. Now, Top Boy season 4 is on-the-wait-list to air in 2020. 

But, to begin with, 2020 has been a disastrous year as many amazing web series are out and about ready for airing their next season. However, COVID-19 caused an unexpected delay. Is Top Boy season 4 delayed? Well! Let’s find out:

Is Top Boy season 4 coming out?

If you are a big fan of this drug-dealing based crime drama then congratulations! Not so long ago in February 2020, Netflix confirmed the renewation of the series for next season on Twitter. Netflix’s official account mentioned “Confirmed: Top Boy S2 is happening!!! What we can tell you: 

-Production starts this spring

-Dushane, Shelley, Sully, and Jamie will return…”

For the reader’s information, Netflix has deliberately acknowledged Top boy season 4 as Top Boy S2 as for the production team of Top boy, this is the 2nd season of Top Boy in the context of hosting at Netflix. 

Moving on! Let’s see when Top Boy season 4 comes out!

What is Top Boy S4 New Release Date?

Up until now, neither official Top boy team nor Netflix has dropped any hints regarding the new release date of its season 4. But, according to Netflix’s update on renewation of the series for season 4, it says “production starts this spring.” Thus, the team is in between production between March 2020 to May 2020.

However, yet again, due to COVID-19, we are not sure if the team has successfully produced the next season. Thus, it is one of the possibilities that Top Boy Season 4 gets delayed to 2021. That would definitely be saddening for millions of audiences. 

Till then, check out the following list of amazing web series on Netflix and Hulu original. Thank us later!

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Top Boy season 1 Vs. Top Boy season 3

To begin with, on other networks such as Channel 4, the producers of Top boy have kept their season 1 and season 2 quite short and crispy. Why? Well! Season 1 and season 2 of Top Boy web series only hold 4 episodes each. But, on Netflix, top boy season 3 has 10 episodes along with titles. Let’s check out the list of Top boy season 3 all episodes:

  1. Bruk Up
  2. Building Bridges
  3. Big Flame
  4. Bonfire Night
  5. Smoke Gets In Your Hands
  6. Press Gang
  7. The Squeeze
  8. Bad Eye
  9. Everyone’s Got, Family
  10. You Don’t Know Me

Top Boy season 3, the last episode explained!

Are you ready to catch a recap of Top Boy season 3? So, let’s get started. The last episode titled “You Don’t Know Me” aired on 13 September 2019 revolves around Jamie against Dushane and Sully. In the beginning, the audience witnesses Sully at his ex-house getting better. She tells Jaq that she does not want any gangster to reach her there. On the other hand, Dushane is planning to kill Jamie along with Field leaders.

top boy season 1
Image credit: The Ringer

Modie is still struggling with his eye. She ensures Lizzie that she will open about the person soon. On the other hand, Dushane picks Dris up and gives some significant yet false information to pass on.

Next, a cop shots Modie dead. Finally, Jamie comes across Lizzie and Jermaine. To be honest, the next scene comes rushing with emotions as Lizzie cries hard in her bathtub. Skipping to the end, Sully kills Dris out of anger as Dris has sold them out. 


In conclusion, there is much more to this drama. Yes! There are emotions, drama, addiction, revenge, power, and vengeance. However, one aspect that fulfills the mission of Top boy is the interest they manage to keep alive. Thus, stay tuned on this article for furthermore update. There is no Top Boy season 4 trailer yet. But, likewise audience, we are expecting it soon too. 

“Spoiler Alert: -Dushane, Shelley, Sully, and Jamie will return…” by Netflix.


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