Umbrella Academy Season 2 | Check New Release Date, Plot, and List of Episodes

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The Umbrella Academy is the new Constantine created by Steve Blackman and originally written by Gerard Bay and Gabriel Bā. This drama based on Black Comedy has attracted millions of viewers on Netflix. From its diverse idea of science fiction to a mixture of superheroes and fantasy, it is a perfect show for the entertainment of teenagers. Of course, entertainment holds no age barriers as all-rounding viewers seem very excited for Umbrella Academy season 2. 

It first aired on Netflix on 15 February 2019. Since it is Netflix that mostly air seasons on the accuracy of the 1-year gap. Hence, its viewers were expecting a new season in early 2020. But, there’s no hint yet. So, is Umbrella Academy season 2 delayed? Well! Let’s find out what do know about it yet:

What is Umbrella Academy Season 2 New Release Date?

To begin with, it seems like Umbrella Academy season 2 has been delayed due to the Corona Pandemic. However, it is our honor to present a few amazing shows that you can watch on Netflix to fill in the gap and crave for science fiction. These are:

Also, some fan-following of Umbrella Academy black comedy are curious, whether or not there will be a season 2 for the show? Well! Here’s good news. There is definitely going to be a second season of Umbrella Academy. However, COVID-19 caused delay may go longer up until August 2020. Even, the creators have also updated the list of episodes of Umbrella Academy season 2. Check the list below:

  1. Right Back Where We Started
  2. The Frankel Footage
  3. The Swedish Job
  4. The Majestic 12
  5. Valhalla
  6. A Light Supper
  7. OGA for OGA
  8. The Seven Stages
  9. 743
  10. The End of Something

Well! One thing is clear, now season 2 is upon its production stage. Thus, keep your expectations high because the new episode titles suggest a big mystery and thriller coming.

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Here’s a fun fact. Do you know? Netflix declared Umbrella Academy as the third most popular web series of 2019 after Big Mouth and Orange Is the New Black Finale season. Thus, stay tuned for 2020 Umbrella Academy season 2 as hopefully, it will be the 1st most popular web series on Netflix, fingers crossed!

What is the Umbrella Academy storyline/plot?

The Umbrella Academy web series theme revolves around 43 children who were born in October of 1989. However, the women who gave birth to children did not know about pregnancy, whatsoever! Thus, many women denied accepting the random birth of their child, give them up for adoption. Enters, Reginald Hargreeves who adopt these 7 children aware of their superpower. Throughout the first season, he is seen preparing these kids for the rescue of the world. But, not long after the early episodes, the team of 7 falls apart. 

How do they get together again? What’s the mystery behind their birth? How are their families of those who did not accept? Did they even survive? To review this mystery drama, sign-up at Netflix and enjoy Umbrella Academy season 1. 

the umbrella academy season 2
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Umbrella Academy last episode explained!

The last episode of Umbrella Academy season 1 titled “The White Violin” is quite exciting. Further, it leaves its viewers furious to know what happens next! Let’s Recap:

In the last episode, Vanya destroys the mansion, but somehow, the siblings escape. Ben interacts and saves Diego. On the other hand, Vanya confronts Pogo regarding her power and how he knows all about her superhero face. After the confrontation, she kills pogo.

Now, Vanya is at a concert. The siblings have found no way to stop her from doing such a destructive deed. Ben defeats Gunmen in the theatre. But, now is the high time for all the academy kids to go back in time and stop the Apocalypse from happening already. Spoiler Alert!!! Hazel and Agnes escape…

What are we yet to see in Umbrella Academy season 2?

  • Do our superheroes come back from time travel?
  • Will they relive as a teenager?
  • Will they once again seek Reginald’s words of wisdom?

Thus, Check out, Umbrella Academy season 1 trailer if you haven’t watched this web-series yet. Spoiler Alert! Goosebumps are on your way!


In conclusion, Umbrella Academy season 2 is coming soon on Netflix. Come back to our page to know more!


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