When will lost in space season 2 premier on Netflix Updates on Robinsons arrival


All the fans are freaking excited about the announcement that Lost in Space is coming with the second season! Oh yes, it’s true! But more than the fans, the director and co-stars of the famous series are excited. They have confirmed the announcement and have also added that the fans are going to have a joy ride for the coming season. Without giving out any spoiler alert, the team has only mentioned that they have some “wild things” planned.

However, there is a small bit of disappointment for the fans, since season two is in no way to be aired in 2019. Sorry guys. After the first season that was aired in 2018,  the fans were hoping for the second season to come up this year. But alas! That ain’t happening guys. You have to wait for 2020 and if you are a little jittered about that, then it’s completely understandable.

When will lost in space season 2 premier on Netflix Updates on Robinsons arrival

However, work with the script has already been started, says Matt Sazama. The team is just waiting for the green signal to start the shoot! Plus the star assured the fans that there is a lot of adventure in store for the Robinsons in the new season!

A sneak peeks into the storyline of the new season reveals that characters can either be added or narrowed for the second season of Lost in Space. However, Maureen, Don, Will Penny, Smith, Judy, John and Robot will be there in the next season. So there is a chance that more characters will be added and not chucked in the second season. There are a lot of questions that the fans have in mind. For instance, since Robinson, Smith, and West are now on the outskirts of the alien world, is CGI going to be used? Well, we will have to wait our time to get those queried answered!

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But sorry guys, we do not have a release date yet. For that, we have to hold on to our patience and wait for the amazing fun to begin!


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