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mobile phone access internet
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If you live in a high-tech country you might not think about all of the different countries where technology isn’t quite so prevalent or easy to access. And you may not even know all of the countries that have less access to the internet. But the truth is that there are many countries around the world where internet access is less common and some people don’t even have access to the internet anyway but their mobile phones. So if they want to play online games, they use their mobile phone. Online purchases are also being done via mobile apps, and on sites like redfoxlotto.com, you can play for the largest lottery jackpots on the planet.


One country that has the most users accessing the internet via a mobile phone is India. In fact, as of 2017, approximately 70% of internet users accessed the internet through a mobile device. And those are only the ones that access the internet only through a mobile device, rather than those who use a mobile and a laptop or other type of internet connected device.


Coming in not far behind India is Indonesia, where approximately 67% of users access the internet solely through mobile devices. Now, that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily all using mobile phones, but some type of mobile device. This could also be a tablet, for example, however, usually it’s a single mobile device for all of their functions.


Once we venture toward South America the number of people who use only a mobile device to connect decreases dramatically. In Mexico, approximately 37% of people access the internet solely through a mobile device of some type. That’s a little over half of the people doing so in Indonesia.

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Next is Spain, which comes in only slightly lower than Mexico, with 32% of their population using only some form of mobile device to access the internet.


Brazil is another South American country where the internet is relatively prevalent but still almost a third of the population has access only through a mobile device. Brazil has approximately 29% of their population accessing the internet through some form of mobile device.


It likely comes as no surprise that China has a relatively low population that accesses the internet through a mobile device. Though it may still be a bit of a surprise just how much does. 22% of individuals in China use a mobile device to access the internet.

Other Countries

Once we get into some of the even more advanced countries the numbers start to decrease even more. That’s because countries like the United States, Canada, the UK, France and Germany have even easier access to the internet than most.
The United States sees less than 12% of the population access the internet only through mobile. But that’s almost twice as many as the 8% in Canada and the UK. And it’s exactly twice the 6% in France. Not to mention only about 4% of the German population only has access through a mobile device.

It’s clear that there are plenty of countries that could use better access to the internet and it’s something many techs and internet providers are working on, but in the meantime, phone companies are reaping the benefits.


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