Where to Go In Toronto: Top 5 Places to Visit

Go In Toronto

With the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown and other protocols, tourists around the globe crave to visit fancy but aesthetically pleasing places in the world. During the lockdown phase, many countries limited the number of incoming visitors and international travelers. Over the past 2-3 years, transnational migrations and tourist activities have been limited to many countries. Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the most preferred tourist destination among the European, Asian and African nationals. According to the statistics and data of 2018, the city of Toronto hosted more than 26 million nationals from various parts of the world. The Centre of Pluralism in Canada depicts Toronto’s multi-cultural and well-diversified demographics and its adjoining areas. 

Tourists visiting Toronto in 2018 spent about $7 billion on amenities and recreational activities. During the pre-Covid phase, Toronto was among the busiest cities globally, where finding a lodge or a hotel room was impossible. However, now the state government is showing more concern about the tourism industry contributing about 10% of the GDP. In the Upcoming years, Toronto will be among the most renowned cities globally. As a tourist, one felt secure, respected, and welcomed in Canada, irrespective of identity, language, and physical appearance. In this highly digitalized and growing world, every individual aspires to feel the nature and vibes of a physical atmosphere.

Around the globe, about 70% of individuals are working 9-5 regular jobs, feeling the stress and heat under their bosses. Every individual needs to escape the ordinary and try making time for themselves. Visiting Canada and US in the upcoming year might be your best option due to the fantastic tourist activities and amenities these states offer. Continue reading to find out how one can make their visit to Toronto more memorable and fascinating. 

Plan a Visit to CN Tower 

While going through the online booking options, one would come across multiple ticket packages offering different time slots and activities. CN Tower is located in the heart of Downtown, which is among the primary tourist spot for international visitors and newly immigrated individuals. The open-to-sky terrace levels are the central spot for tourists, from where the skyline of Toronto is clearly visible. The freshly opened equipped glass floor is open for incoming visitors who have pre-booked their visits. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, individuals with no prior bookings won’t be entertained. 

If You Can’t Find a Spot to Travel, Sit Back and Enjoy Online Entertainment Platforms 

Due to the rising number of cases of the Omicron variant, many physical interaction spots and playgrounds are temporarily closed. During these medieval times of Covid-19, online digital platforms have dominated land-based interactive spots and betting grounds. As a tourist, one can enjoy experiencing online entertainment websites and various gaming portals. Spending time on online digital platforms is the new normal, as individuals prefer staying back in their houses and spending their free time streaming and playing games on their tablets and smartphones. 

With the growing demand for digital entertainment and gaming platforms, casinos are becoming a sought-after attraction for many traveling to Toronto, not only land-based casinos but also online casinos like Casinodays are gaining a lot of popularity in Ontario. These websites offer interactive games and activities for online users. If one couldn’t find a spot or a ride to land-based casinos, online casinos in Toronto and its adjoining areas are easily accessible over the internet. 

While playing various cards and other games at Casinodays, online users can have fun. Online Casinodays offer a rewarding experience for amateur and regular players. This online casino offers various welcome bonuses and additional rewards. While playing at Casinodays, one’s identity and personal information would be encrypted and secured. 

Visit St. Lawrence Market

Every tourist loves visiting local markets and social spots across the city of Toronto. The market facility is located on Jarvis Street, near St. Lawrence Hall. These landmark attractions are always packed with international tourists and residents of Toronto. It is recommended to start your day walking around the market and observing various booths and vendors. While roaming in the market, one could find the best-seasoned fruits and organic products. Moreover, many vendors in this market offer wholesale rates to encourage visitors and locals. Within the outskirts of the marketplace, tourists and local visitors can find the best local stalls offering delicious meals and tempting desserts.  

Visit Royal Ontario Museum 

The Royal Ontario Museum is a prominent spot for international tourists and school-going kids. Museums depict the authentic history, customs, traditions, and ideology of countries and regions. The grand Royal Ontario Museum is among the largest museums in North America and Canada. The residents of Canada visit this facility, international travelers, historians, writers, and government officials visit the museum very frequently. There are more than 6,000,000 items registered on the museums’ checkbook placed in 40 galleries. The diversified collection of artifacts and paintings representing world culture and natural history has contributed to joint ventures and collaborations between government institutions and research bodies. The museum is located in the vicinity of Queens Park in the University of Toronto (UoT) district. While roaming in the neighborhood, tourists can observe great monumental heritage buildings and the campus of UoT, which has been among the leading academic institutions globally. 

Where to Go In Toronto: Top 5 Places to Visit

Visit Toronto Zoo

Visiting a Zoo might sound boring for many individuals; however, traveling with kids and family, one must plan a visit to the Toronto Zoo. The entire area is covered in lush green open spaces and animal cages, attracting little kids and toddlers. This is the largest Zoo in Canada, spreading over 287 hectares featuring thousands of animals. The entire facility of the Zoo offers a pleasing naturalistic environment, which is ideal for a healthy lifestyle. The Zoo is open all year round except on 25th December. If you visit the Toronto Zoo, don’t forget to carry a DSLR to capture natural glimpses. 



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