Where to Ride Your Electric Bike In Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known for arts, food, ethnicity and television, but it offers so much more. Biking is a great activity for everyone. With LA’s great weather, you can bike almost year round. While LA might not be commuter bike friendly, there are some great recreational routes for casual riders of all skill levels. If you’re worried about your electric bike in Los Angeles hill climbing ability, know that most 250 watt bikes can take on neighborhood hills effectively but you may need to give a little boost of pedal. Here are some of the best places to bike in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park

At over 4,000 acres, Griffith Park has several great bike routes along with plenty of other entertainment options. You could visit the zoo, ride the train, enjoy a museum or have a picnic when you put a nice spread in your cruiser bike basket. You’ll find parking on either end of the park. If you start at the Travel Town Museum, the ride will take you past the zoo and through the golf courses, which are always beautifully groomed.

The Rose Bowl

The 3-mile loop around the Rose Bowl is a great place to ride and practice going uphill and downhill. Provided there isn’t an event, you’ll find free parking and less traffic. Make sure to give runners and walkers space. Know your riding etiquette before you go. You can even ride at night, but you’ll want front and rear lights on your bike.

Elysian Park

This park is about 10 miles from the heart of LA, but it’s a great place for a workout, because of the short hills. Most of the time, traffic is light. The exception is when there is a Dodger’s game. Elysian Park is one of the oldest parks in the area. The biking surface is asphalt. Some don’t recommend it for newer riders. The views are scenic and enjoyable, with plenty of drinking fountains and bathrooms on the route. It’s a fun route.

Metro Orange Line Bike Path

This 18-mile path is a commuting trail, so you can link to other transit options if you like. However, the path is separate from city traffic, so it makes a nice ride for anyone who wants to feel safe from other vehicles. You’ll also get some pleasant scenery along the route.

Cogswell Dam

This route is only 7.5 miles, but it’s a smooth ride in the mountains. It’s good for beginners and more skilled bikers. It’s not a well-known biking trail. There’s no car traffic allowed on the road. You’ll be riding uphill, but the views make up for the effort. It’s a beautiful route with a lot of shade from the trees, so it should be a little cooler in the middle of the warmest weather in LA.

Find Your Own Favorite Paths

When you ask around to find cheap electric bikes for sale, ask the team about their favorite places to ride. Although LA isn’t known for its bike-friendly culture, there are plenty of places to ride throughout the area. Shop for electric bikes and accessories with sixthreezero.


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