Which collar should I choose for my cat?


A collar is an important accessory that should be chosen carefully and responsibly. Although it is rather more decorative, it should be comfortable in any case. Cat breakaway collars are popular because this option is considered the most successful for different breeds of pets. If you are interested in more useful information on how to choose this accessory, continue reading this article. 

What do you need to know when choosing a collar for your cat?

Collars can serve different purposes. You should determine your main objectives in order to make the purchase as correct as possible. Here are the facts worth considering:

  • The optimal width of the accessory is usually 1.5-2 cm. However, all products should be able to be adjusted in length. If you are ordering online, please check the size chart and measure your pet’s neck circumference with a measuring tape.
  • Pay special attention to the materials and style of the collar. It should not be hard, so the inner material should be soft and have machined edges. 
  • The collar can serve not only as a decoration, but also as a way to understand where your pet is at all times. To do this, a chip is placed inside the collar. It can also become the cat’s identifier, so if it gets lost, it will be easier for people to find the owner.
  • Pay attention only to models that are designed for cats.
  • When tightening the collar, do it as gently as possible. At least 2 of your fingers should fit between his neck and the product. 
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Consider whether your pet has any allergies beforehand. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before buying such an accessory.

As for the design, it can be whatever your heart desires. Currently, manufacturers offer a variety of colors, materials, and styles. For example, leather products are popular because they guarantee durability and are considered a classic option. Additionally, engraving can be performed, which will allow you to enter the name or other data of your cat. In any case, remember that the main thing is the comfort of your pet, so keep an eye on its reaction to various accessories.


Regardless of whether you have a calm or skittish cat, you may need a collar. Although there is a myth that only dogs need such an accessory. For cats, it also performs many practical and useful functions that make many processes easier for the owners. 

If you walk at different times of the day, this accessory will be useful. For example, the cat will be more visible in the dark. If you need such an accessory, pay attention to those options that have reflective properties. Another option is a collar with a bell that will emit characteristic sounds. If you look at all the parameters for making the right choice, the owner should pay attention to reliability, quality, safety, and convenience. In this case, your cat will be satisfied and feel comfortable with the new accessory.


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