Which crypto tumbler to choose, what to be guided by


Each user of cryptocurrency sooner or later comes to the fact that it is necessary to use a crypto tumbler to preserve the confidentiality of transactions. No matter how private bitcoin is not considered, one way or another the question of getting more anonymity of cryptocurrency arises. This is due to many different factors. 

The first is the transparency and public availability of the blockchain. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, more and more people have begun to understand how the technology works and now, even for their own interest, they can track the transactions of strangers. It’s frustrating to realize that any stranger can track you.

Second, constant attempts to regulate anonymous Bitcoin transactions by the authorities, by introducing various verifications and constant control of exchanges and exchangers. 

Third, the automation of the blockchain analysis process. Now anyone can not only independently view the registry entries, but also resort to the help of special services, which simplifies de-anonymization of users many times.

Now that we have figured out why the question of obtaining increased Bitcoin anonymity arises, we should find out which service to choose and why.

What crypto mixers exist

Bitcoin mixing services don’t stand still and evolve as needed, this is evidenced by the variety of tools and technologies they use. 

Crypto tumblers should be divided into two large categories: centralized and decentralized.

By the name, it’s not hard to figure out what their working principle is based on and how they differ. Centralized exchanges have their pools or “mixes” that are used when mixing. Sending your funds through such a tool, the service independently mixes your cryptocurrency with its accumulated pool, no other participants are used in the process, there are only your funds and the funds of the crypto tumbler. 

Decentralized bitcoin mixers in turn to the mixing process attract third-party users, the same who want to increase the anonymity of cryptocurrency. That is, the service does not have its own pool, which in theory makes transactions more unique and diverse.

The history of Bitcoin mixers began with centralized services but then came the new CoinJoin technology. It brought decentralization along with it and became a rival to the familiar technology.

Which crypto tumbler technology to choose

In favor of centralized mixers unequivocally should be attributed to the simplicity and clarity of the process. Probably, this is the main thing that guides the choice of this technology. 

What features exist:

  1. Commissions can vary from how anonymous bitcoin you want to purchase. And of course, from the greed of the service.
  2. Centralized mixers often store transaction logs, which can get to the wrong people.
  3. The risk of choosing a low-quality service that will simply steal your funds, well, or take a commission, and you will send you in no way cleared bitcoins.

Decentralized services also have their advantages and disadvantages. First of all, they are more innovative and complex mixing processes, which can repel or conversely attract a person who wants an anonymous Bitcoin. 


  1. A decentralized service does not store transaction logs, which is an advantage over a centralized mixer.
  2. Often these services do not use third parties for the mixing process.
  3. The service must have a large number of regular users to perform high-quality and fast mixing. Otherwise, the service will simply not be able to perform the operation and give you an anonymous cryptocurrency. 

Decentralized crypto mixers take the use of CoinJoin technology as a basis. In simple terms, several participants send their funds to a common pool, after which the cryptocurrency is distributed and credited to users on new wallets. This confuses the trail and makes it almost impossible to determine who the funds came from and to whom.

The choice of technology is in any case left to the user based on his preferences. 

The main things to pay attention to when choosing the best bitcoin mixer for yourself, regardless of the mixing logic:

  1. The number of users, this parameter is the most important, since the number of free pools depends on the purity of the obtained cryptocurrency and the speed of the operation.
  2. Reputation component, it is necessary to choose a service that will not deceive you, otherwise there is a risk of losing your funds or getting non-anonymous bitcoins.
  3. It is worth paying attention to the commissions charged by the service to maximize the profitability of clearing your cryptocurrency.
  4. lack of verification, you should understand that when you enter your personal data, the meaning of mixing is lost, as the service will store all information about transfers and users.

All of the above will give you an understanding of how to approach the choice of the best bitcoin mixer, what to pay attention to, and how not to fall into the hands of scammers.


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