Which fantasy league website is the most popular in India

fantasy league website

In India, gambling has had a complicated history, and there’s also a lot of talking on legalizing betting and online casinos. However, Online Cricket Betting ID, such as Rummy, Poker, and Fantasy Sports, are known as skill games. Therefore, these are legal in many Indian states. Let’s see which fantasy league website is the most popular in India.

Since there’s nothing mentioned about online gambling as per Indian gaming laws, many Indian players engage safely in online gambling on different fantasy sports betting sites. Most of these betting sites are legal and being regulated outside India.

Nowadays, fantasy sports are trending, and their popularity is also increasing with each passing day. So, we will explore the best fantasy sports betting sites in the county. This way, the beginners will get a good starting point in the fantasy sports scene. 

We won’t share the specifics or gameplay of every fantasy sports category. It is because each website mentions its details on “How to Play” as per guidelines. In this article, we will discuss how to find the right sports fantasy website per skill. 

Popular Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy sports or games are famous in India. As per the ISFG-KPMG study, over 600 different platforms are providing around 20 million players for fantasy sports and authentic money fantasy leagues. 

The whole industry is estimated to get more than $5 billion, indicating the start of this niche. For playing fantasy sports, players need to select a site for joining a fantasy league. After that, they have to set up the whole team as per their liking. 

Some famous Indian fantasy sports in India are cricket and football. 

Top Fantasy Sports Sites in India

As you are here, you’re keen to know about the right fantasy sports sites in India. Here we have mentioned the top four fantasy sports sites in India to play per your requirements and sports preference. 

  1. Fantasy Bet
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For IPL experts, Fantasy Bet is a great online fantasy sports platform. After registration on this platform, you can use your cricket knowledge to predict outcomes. It offers fantastic prizes every week for the players, during the season. You must check the app every week to get an opportunity to claim your jackpot and become an IPL winner. This famous fantasy gaming app enables you to select your favourite players for your team. 

All one needs is to do is create a free account and use the skills for becoming the master of the game. Meanwhile, players get amazing rewards in each match. 

  1. DREAM11

Founded in 2008, DREAM11 has gained various breakthroughs. It has many users and partnerships with various big sports organizations. The previous year, this fantasy sports site launched volleyball and also has more than 20 celebrity cricketers vouching for the site. 

So far, it is one of the best fantasy sports sites to enjoy cricket with your friends. The step-by-step guide and rules are mentioned on their website. You can even download their app in a few seconds. 

  1. MPL

It is another amazing fantasy sports site for Indian players. This website takes you through every step required for playing online. So, it is ideal for beginners. 

It also offers several football sports leagues and fantasy cricket. Everything is mentioned on its homepage. So, you need to check all the mentioned details before downloading it on your phone. 

If you play fantasy cricket, you’ll be glad to know that the site offers a variety of strategies and tips for players on the MPL homepage. When you refer the app to a friend for joining MPL, you get INR 75 plus 30% on referral. Even the Indian Captain Virat Kohli’s clip invites you to join MPL. So, how can you say no to that? 

  1. 11Wickets
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11Wickets site concentrates on fantasy sports, enabling players to earn more money for competing with their friends online. This site provides fantasy football, fantasy cricket, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and also Kabaddi for players who are into betting. 

The players get around INR 500 to invite friends for joining 11Wickets. Plus, more offers are available on the mobile app. 

If we talk about special features and leagues, the site is a bit limited. But it does focus on helping you get real money on fantasy sports and offers many such games. So, do check out 11Wickets, if you like playing various fantasy sports.

  1. HalaPlay

HalaPlay is another popular Indian site for playing several fantasy sports. It focuses on football and cricket. Meanwhile, it provides a variety of promotional offers. The site is also fast. And, the details like how to register, claim and play are mentioned straightaway. 

The site has the given features: 

  • Custom leagues for playing with friends
  • Both weekly and daily matches
  • Leaderboard for tracking progress against friends
  • Settings about winning criteria and member count are mentioned by the player
  • Enables you to follow other players for studying their gaming styles
  • Offers comparison and analysis across various gaming styles
  • Withdrawals available anytime
  • No need for playing in a very long season 

If you choose this site, you can download the HalaPlay app on your phone and start forming your team. 


We provide you with the details of the best sites for playing fantasy sports games in India all over our blog. But after you join and start playing fantasy sports, you are most likely to have your favorite site. Which one is that? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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