Canada is the country that is known for its excellent health benefits all over the world. Ask any Canadian what they love most about Canada, and they will tell you that it’s Canada’s healthcare system. It is a common misconception that healthcare is free in Canada, but the truth is that all of the healthcare services are not free.

 However, the healthcare system is reliable because of public funds, but still, there are a few treatments that require some extra budget that gets heavy on your pocket. Also, there is a significant subsidy on health expenses, but not all of them are tax-deductible. A taxpayer has an additional benefit of a few tax-deductible health expenses.

Tax and healthcare expenses

A considerable percentage of a taxpayer’s income goes to tax. It is rightfully the right of every citizen to enjoy excellent health service as they pay the fees to secure their lives. Why do taxpayers pay the tax? 

The sole reason is the development of the state in terms of health and education. With this tax money, the government strives to make the country an even better place for the citizens to live. The tax of the taxpayer acts like the security and insurance and also adds to a better lifestyle of the state overall Tohme Accounting.

There is a long list of the health expenses that are tax-deductible and that are not tax-deductible. One has to go through the list and find the eligibility of the specific kind of health expenses they are going to opt for.

The Canada Revenue Agency

The extensive list of medical expenses that are tax-deductible lies with the CRA. It is essential to check the medical practitioners’ list and the kind of treatments that are eligible for a tax deduction and then apply for it. Also, refer to the latest CRA list and make sure there are no amendments to changes in it so that you receive your due benefit.

Tax-deductible medical expenses

  • Treatments like eye laser treatment, dental treatment, and organ transplants are on CRA’s list for sure. To complete your research work before going for a significant treatment as you can save a lot through a tax deduction. 
  • Trips to the dentist are just one of the many health care expenses you can claim.
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Medical Expenses Not Tax-Deductible

It is essential to check the CRA medical expenses worksheet to see if the medical practitioner you are seeing is on the list and if the medical treatment you are going to opt for is eligible for a tax deduction. Medical expenses like blood pressure monitoring, organic food supply, contraceptive supplies, and diapers extra are not tax-deductible, and one has to bear these expenses on their own. These expenses are not very costly, and almost every household can afford it. Also, these are very personal and basic.

Most standard medical expenses that people want to claim

There are a few other personal expenses that are not necessary for survival but contribute a lot to your health and fitness. These facilities can take your lifestyle to a better level but are not compulsory for health. The most common examples are supplements, vitamins, over the counter medicines, gym expenses, Botox, nose job, face lifters, lip fillers, and other cosmetic surgeries.

What is the right time to Claim Medical Expenses?

You can claim the medical expenses anytime during the year from 1st January to 31st December. It would be best if you kept in mind that it falls in the current tax year and that you did not claim any medical expenses in a prior tax year. The CRA is not very rigid in terms of this duration, and you don’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is to pay attention to your treatment and leave the rest to CRA to care later.  

Health Care Premiums

A commonly asked question is that are health insurance premiums tax-deductible in Canada? Yes, another option for tax-deductible medical expenses, and it is very convenient as well. Yes, it is the healthcare premiums. Many private healthcare service plans offer super comfortable services in terms of dental treatment, regular hospital visits, maternity-related treatments, and other health benefits.

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It is a kind of insurance. Private health service plans utilize the money that is deducted directly from your Paycheque. An additional benefit of individual health service plans is that you can pay the medical expenses with the cash before paying the tax rather than after paying the tax. In this way, it is convenient and quite fair as well.

How much can you claim for medical expenses on taxes in Canada?

If you want to claim medical expenses for other dependents, for example, your parents, your children under the age of 18 or, any other close relative, call 331 for proper guidance, rules, and regulations. However, if it is for yourself, keep in mind that you can calculate your total claim by the total amount of CRA allowable medical expenses, minus 3% of net income.

Who can claim CRA, medical expenses?

It is quite convenient for you to claim medical expenses on your own for yourself. Your dependent blood relations, like parents or children under the age of 18, can claim them, and your spouse or partner can also request them. It is a great benefit because there is nothing above Heath and having CRA there; you don’t have to stress about medical expenses every time you feel the need to go to the hospital.


Health is wealth, they say, and we all can relate, and so it is fine to invest in your health. If your health stays good, you can always earn more and enjoy a better life. We have discussed the tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible treatments and also, the time during which we can claim from CRA. It is better to stay safe and take preventive measures, and if the ailment is unavoidable, get medical treatment as soon as possible.

Though most of the taxes in Canada go to the individual’s good, knowing how much you can benefit from them can be a confusing process especially regarding medical expenses. But Tohme-Accounting offers professional services to free you from your tax troubles.


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