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Using a check to pay a bill might incur a fee. The cost of restocking your bank’s supply of checkbooks might be substantial, depending on how often you make checks. The most costly option is to get checks directly from your bank, but you may locate a lower-cost source online.

To make things easier for you, we’ve looked into the finest check-ordering firms and compiled a list of their greatest features, cost, and more so you can choose the best place to order checks

Online check purchases may be made at these top-rated sites.

Where to find the best place to order checks? 

Checks In The Mail

Considering that Checks In The Mail sells more than a billion checks a year to consumers in all 50 states, it is easy to claim that the firm is trustworthy. On top of that, there are over 200 distinct check types to choose from on its website, and there are typically various coupon codes and new customer incentives to further reduce prices even more.

A package of 100 personal checks costs $25.25 with Checks in the Mail. The cost of 25 checks for various designs is only $7.25. This is a wonderful alternative for folks who don’t use paper checks very often but still want to have a small book on hand.

For people who require business checks, there are a variety of options, including high-security designs.

Carousel Checks

125 checks for $6.99 from Carousel Checks is hard to top, but that’s exactly what you’ll receive. Even two boxes, having 250 checks, for $7.98 are available on the site. There are some interesting motifs featured in the lower-priced varieties such as flowers, bald eagles, horses, and butterflies even though they are simple.

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Carousel Checks offers a wide range of colorful, animal-themed, and career-themed options beginning at $19.99 a box. Purchasing in bulk may save you money, as it has in the past.

Please keep in mind that check orders might take up to 3 or 4 weeks to arrive.

Costco Checks

Costco Checks has partnered with Harland Clarke Check Printing to provide a wide variety of check designs. Costco’s minimum order option is 200 checks, so you’ll have to buy a lot of them.

Because of their wide selection and commitment to security as well as free delivery, the company is a great option for those looking for a more affordable option. For Executive Members, the discount is even greater: 20% off your purchase.

There are also 25 more security elements included in Costco’s High Security Business Checks, which is more than any other company provides. There are visible and invisible fibers, watermarks, holograms, and heat-sensitive ink on every check. a set of 500 highly-secured laser draft checks costs $127.97 for Gold Star/Business Members.

A heat reactive ink circle and a holographic foil bar are among the security elements included in Costco’s personal check option, which is designed to prevent counterfeiting. For Gold Star/Business Members, the price for 200 single checks is $29.03 per check.

Walmart Checks

In addition to food, Walmart is a wonderful spot to shop for checks. Starting at $8.46 per box of 150 and free standard delivery, most of the site’s huge variety is available. It covers a variety of landscape, nature, and animal designs, as well as some well-known characters from popular culture.

For only $16.46, you may design your own check by uploading a picture or logo, or you can use Paper People to create a bespoke design of your family for $19.46.

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Bradford Exchange

Checks from Bradford Exchange are available in more than 800 unique designs, including philanthropic causes, pop culture figures such as Lucille Ball, Elvis Presley and patriotic themes, and more. Purchasing from this firm is a pleasure because of the user-friendly website, which clearly displays price, features, and delivery timeframes for each item.

Additionally, customer care is accessible seven days a week, and there is a comprehensive FAQ section to answer any queries you may have.

Up to 70 percent off bank check costs are advertised by Bradford Exchange. Prices for 120 single checks start at $19.95.

Sam’s Club Checks

One of the best warehouse membership clubs is Sam’s Club, which gives substantial savings on bulk purchases. Large orders of checks, such as those from a company, may save customers a lot of money if they shop around on this website. There are 660 checks available for only $34.68. Software-compatible checks, such as those for Quicken, QuickBooks, and other accounting software, are also an alternative.

Personal checks, on the other hand, are affordable, come in a wide variety of patterns, and are likely to endure a long time.


CheckAdvantage features one of the widest collections of checks on the market, with more than 2,500 design variations. Your purchase will be produced and dispatched within three business days of placing your order, according to the company’s “on-time” promise.

There are no cookie-cutter designs on CheckAdvantage, which means you won’t see the same options as other sites. There are no licensed Star Wars, Disney, or sports team checks available here.

Personal checks start at roughly $14.65 for 100 and may be purchased in bulk for as little as $13.


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